Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo From Fisher-price Is A Fun, Lively Way To Develop Your Baby’s Motor Skills And Stimulate The Senses.

I purchased the Fisher Price Beats Dance & Move BeatBo for my two and a half year old niece to play with when I baby-sit her at my house (I do not have children, so there is relatively little for her to do at my house compared to when she is at home). After three visits, I ended up sending the toy home with my sister so that my niece could play with it all the time – according to her mother, the BeatBo has become an instant favourite with her daughter!


I wasn’t altogether surprised to hear her say this. I spent an entire afternoon with my niece during which she absolutely refused to play with anything else – she was so completely entertained by this toy! Truly, the only reason I bought this toy – as I know very little about children, having none of my own – is that it was named the Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year for 2016, and I thought it looked fun.


The BeatBo’s bright colours and happy, funny appearance appealed to me, so I thought maybe I could entertain my niece for a little while with it. A little while turned into an entire visit, and before long, she was upset to part from the BeatBo!

At first, I thought it was great just because the upbeat music encouraged her to dance and laugh along with the Beatbo (many, many hours have since been spent watching my niece have the time of her life dancing along with the colourful little guy – of course, I sometimes join in the dancing as well).



However, the Beatbo does even more than this! The BeatBo also comes with learning game features, and has been truly awesome for introducing my niece to learning the alphabet, identifying colours, and learning to count. She has so much fun with it, and I in turn have had so much fun watching her learn from this incredible toy.


I think her favourite part must be the multi-coloured, light-up LED tummy and the voice-record playbacks. It’s extremely cute to watch her sing back the alphabet, and the hear the BeatBo repeat what she records.


I love spoiling my niece, and the BeatBo allowed me to do just that. Having the BeatBo at my house solidified my status as the favourite aunt. Although my sister sometimes comments that the toy can be a bit noisy, I think she is more than okay with that feature since it keeps her daughter entertained for so long.


I have been recommending the BeatBo to all of my friends and family members who have children. I highly recommend the BeatBo to everyone – the toy is truly a lot of fun for both you and your child.

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