Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center – With Three Levels Of Play, This Learning Center Takes Your Baby Through Important Stages And Milestones In A Fun Way

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center includes so many features that your baby won’t get bored quickly. It features four panels that encourage lots of hands on activity. These panels have buttons for baby to push and listen to the hundreds of songs that it includes. It encourages baby to explore and use their imagination. There are many buttons and activities to keep baby busy.


The Laugh and Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center is meant for crawlers and up. It is a great toy for the price. This toy has three stages of play included. They call them stages because that’s exactly what a developing child needs. Remember, no two children develop the same, so let your child learn and explore with this toy in a way that makes them happy.


Those stages are and included:

Level 1: The exploring stage! This stage encourages babies to learn that their actions cause reactions. When they bush a button it will make a noise. This is a major part of development!

Level 2: The encouragement stage! After they discover that their actions have reactions, they will be encouraged to find shapes, colors and the piano keys! (I find this in conjunction with the exploring stage!)

Level 3: The pretend and imagine stage! Once baby learns the things from level one and two they will learn how to pretend with the mail box and all the voices they hear coming from this toy. They will be able to “have a snack with puppy” and check the mail box!

This toy has so much to offer a little growing brain.



  1. What type of batteries does this toy require?

This toy requires 3 AA batteries.

  1. Is this toy sturdy for a child who is learning to pull themselves up?

This toy is made for children who are exploring and learning. Little one will be just fine and perfectly safe!

  1. What type of rating does this toy have?

According to Amazon this toy has a 4.6-star rating. Which is fantastic!

Final Verdict on the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Learning Center


This toy is so interesting! There are so many things baby can do to keep themselves busy while truly learning things that he/she is going to need to know. They’re going to learn cause and effect, learn how to use their imagination and encourage them to challenge themselves and learn new things. This is truly a great toy for the price, which is $40. Some play mats for infants are more expensive than this. Some toys only keep baby occupied for a little while. This toy will not disappoint!

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