Fisher Price Splatster Review

Fisher Price Splatster Is An Epic Combination Of Fun And Education For Children!


There are many interactive toys for toddlers that help them learn and play at the same time. Fisher Price is a trusted toy manufacturer that has been making toys for toddlers and children for a number of years. They are now using new technology to help a child learn and play in a new way. The Fisher Price Splatster will allow a child to express their creativity and learn about colors without making a mess.

The Splatster toys have three different modes that can be set for three different types of play. The first mode is the splat studio that will allow the child to make abstract paintings on their television. Every movement they make with the splatster toy will appear on the television set. There is a spin art mode where the child can use many different colors and actions to make a picture.


There is also the splat arcade which is an interactive game that will help teach the child about their colors. This toy has sound effects so that it is even more fun to play with. The child can experiment with different colors and make a number of different pictures without making a mess or making stains around the home.

Users of the Splatster have reported that it is easy to use. This toy is for toddlers but elementary school children also enjoy creating their own works of art with this. If a child likes the picture that they have made they can save it on a flash drive. The picture can then be printed out and the child can display their artwork. All it takes is a couple of minutes to set this toy up and it will run on a wifi connection. The picture can be colorful, creative, and children make them funny. There are some premade backgrounds that the child can add their own touch to or they can use the colors to create their own original picture.


There are a number of activities on this toy that can keep the child busy. In addition to creating works of art from splatter works the child can use the toy to make drawings. They can even go back and change it if they mess a part up. The child can then experiment with a number of different colors. Once they have the picture the way that they like it they can save it and share it with others.

The Splatster encourages the child to become creative. They can express themselves any way that they want through their artwork. They can create a number of painting and pictures featuring animals, sports, and just about anything else that a child can think of as part of their drawing.


The Splatster is a fun and interactive toy for young children. They will have a lot of fun creating picture and playing with different colors. Now a child can have fun making works of art and the parents do not have to worry about a mess to clean up when they are done.


Fisher Price Splatster


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