Sew Mini Treats Review

Sew Mini Treats Is An Epic Gift That Comes With Everything Required To Craft For Kids, Although Younger ones Will Need Guidance And Supervision!


Popular toymaker Klutz offers Sew Mini Treats for kids and kids at heart. The kit is a great gift that comes with everything needed to make over 18 delectable crafts. These easy to stitch projects can be completed by kids of all ages over three, though younger ones will require active supervision and guidance.



The package includes an instruction book with detailed instructions for the projects. The 48 full-color pages are clearly written, with beautiful picture examples of each of the projects included in the kit. Even if the youngster has no experience with sewing, the clear directions will make construction possible.



In addition to the book, the kit has materials for the crafts, including 9 different colors of felt pieces. Additionally, it contains 2 embroidery needles and 32 yards of floss for sewing the constructions together. An ounce of polyester stuffing is included for the padded projects. Not only that, there are 19 quality paper patterns that can be reused and 60 pieces of precut felt for the eyes and cheeks of the cute little food plushes.


These exciting little projects will not take much time to do, but will provide adorable little items like a winking chocolate chip cookie or a delicious chocolate donut with white frosting and sprinkles smiling. Other projects include a slice of watermelon, a tomato, piece of bread and a popsicle. You even get the opportunity to create a pair of pears!



Not only are these fantastic gifts for all of the kids in your life, you are sure to know others who could use them as well. For instance, these sewing projects are perfect for those in charge of after school programs and summer camps.


Each of the children can pick out one or two of their favorites and work on creating an adorable piece of felt fruit. Meanwhile, the teacher can walk around and assist as needed. Unlike other projects which sometimes need to hang and dry, these delightful goodies are ready to go home the same day, making them perfect for the kids to give as gifts.



Larger groups can work with multiple packages of the Sew Mini Treats or add other similar project offerings by Klutz to ensure all of the kids find the perfect project to complete!


Klutz has developed a reputation for making fun project kits like this one. Whether for an older child or a younger one with supervision and aid, it is best to start with the simplest projects and progress to the more difficult ones. This is especially important if neither of you have any sewing experience. The projects will build upon themselves, allowing you and the kid to gain mastery of the skills while having fun and making the most adorable non-edible foods ever!


Sew Mini Treats


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