Funko POP Movies: Harry Potter Action Figure

Harry Potter Action Figure, Enjoy The Magic Of Hogwarts And Stand Up To He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with this Harry Potter

The entire Harry Potter Funko POP Movies collection is my favourite Funko POP collection that I have purchased so far! These are the perfect toys for children and adults alike – although it may be more appropriate to say that these toys are also for adults who are still in touch with their inner child.

The collection is absolutely excellent at bringing the characters that I always envisioned in the books to life. The Harry Potter Action Figure is where every Funko POP collector needs to start – particularly if you are looking to own the entire Funko POP collection.


Harry is the heart of the collection as he is the heart of the series. The Funko POP Harry Potter action figure is absolutely adorable, and I love every detail that they so carefully selected for his appearance. The hair, the glasses, the lightening scar, the robes – all of these details look absolutely the way I would have wanted them to look.

Although I have grown up and am a collector now, I would still have loved to own this action figure when I was a child and was absolutely in love with the Harry Potter series (of course, I am still in love with the series as an adult as well).

The only problem that I have with the product is that my niece and nephew always want to play with them when they come over because they are so colourful and appealing as toys as well as collector’s items – and although I have a hard time saying “no” to them normally, I have a hard time saying “yes” to letting them play with my Harry Potter Funko POP figure because I am so attached to my collection!

In all seriousness, this is truly a great product. I could not recommend it more highly. Although I myself am a collector, I have friends who have purchased these as great additions for their kids’ birthday parties and as Christmas gifts for their kids as well, and the figure is always a big hit with the recipients.

I have also started buying my niece and nephew their own Harry Potter action figures – only in part so that they are distracted from playing with mine! They truly love the figure as much as I do, so I know that purchasing the item separately as well as part of a collection is a great option as well. The price is great and the product is one of my favourite on the market. I cannot speak more highly of the Harry Potter Funko POP action figure!

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