Minion Kevin Banana Eating Action Figure

Minion Kevin Banana Eating Action Figure Is  A Little Banana Magic With 35 Phrases And Sound Effects In His Original Movie Voice For Lots Of Laughs

I bought this toy for my 3 year old nephew for his birthday. He absolutely LOVES the Minions so I knew that he would love this toy. I bought this also because I knew that he already had “Bob the talking minion.” This just completed his talking minion collection!

When he opened his present, he was so excited he couldn’t even wait to take it out of the box. When he started playing with it, I noticed that anything you did could elicit a saying out of Kevin. Pushing him over, messing with his head, or making him eat his banana, there was always a saying!


Kevin is also very soft, like a plush stuffed toy. He also closes and opens his eye, which is really cool. He closes his eyes when you tilt him backwards and opens him when you sit him up straight! My nephew really got a kick out of this for some reason.

It’s very durable as well. After my nephew’s birthday, a few months after, he was running around the house with Kevin and threw him down the stairs and we just watched as Kevin bounced down. I thought that this toy was done for. Nope! When he hit the bottom of the stairs, he was quiet for a minute and then said something (I don’t quite remember all the things he says!). Kevin, the banana eating minion, has also had many liquids spilt on him and still manages to work quite well, which I am very surprised about.

One thing I do have to say is, if you are buying this toy for a child that is younger than the age recommendation, the paint does start chipping off if it’s being put in your child’s mouth. I know that if I bought this for my daughter and she’s starting putting in her mouth, I would not let her play with it until she got old enough to know that it’s not supposed to be put in the mouth.

I have read other reviews about Kevin stops working after a couple of times, I don’t find that to be true. My nephew has had this toy for quite sometime now and it is still working just like it did the day he took it out of the box. Maybe there were some of them out there that were defective, but overall I think this is a perfect toy for anyone who loves the Minions. Even adults!

For anyone who loves the Minions, or to people that collect them for other reasons, Minion Kevin Banana Eating Action Figure would be the perfect addition to your collection! Its cute, soft, interactive, and some of the sayings are absolutely hilarious. Durable and long lasting, which a lot of toys these days are not.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that asks me about it. This is the perfect gift for any occasion or anyone that loves any of the three main Minions! Be sure to check it out!

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