Furby Connect

Connect to a virtual world of surprises with the Furby Connect World app! HATCH super cute virtual babies

Technology has once more come into play with the new interacting Furby Connect toys. When Furbys first came out they were limited to what they could do and say. They had their own ‘language’ and you could learn what they were saying from the book included. Their eyes would open and shut so far to let you know what they were feeling.

This was great at the time but with the growth of cell phone popularity for children this toy would have been a thing of the past without updates. So the Furby got a newer look and a lot more features added and it is even more popular than ever, introducing Furby Connect.
This toy is simply packed with features that make it seem more like a real creature that can think and feel rather than a toy. The eyes have really gotten an upgrade from the original Furby. Instead of just opening and closing the eyes on the Furby Connect can wink, look sad, surprised, happy and many others.

There are over 150 eye animations and the eyes change colors to match what it is feeling. The eyes still open and close but the upgrades are just great. This toy even moves its body from side to side and up and down, not to mention the ears are constantly wiggling. When a child wants their Furby to get some sleep all they have to do is put the included sleep mask on it and it is bedtime.

Another great feature with this toy is the fact that it is compatible with electronic devices. With this a child can play with their Furby in its own world and have a lot of fun. The Furby can dance in certain areas, play with other Furbys and can be fed.

Feeding the Furby Connect will be fun for children because the Furby has different reactions to whatever it is fed. For example if the Furby is fed a hot red pepper then its eyes will turn to the shape of a pepper with flames around it.

The Furby Connect also talks. It actually speaks in Furby language, Furbish, but the eye animations will let a child know what the Furby means. Also if two Furbys are ‘introduced’ they will talk to each other and remember each others name. The app used with this toy will update the Furby and add new phrases that it can use, along with the other 1,000 phrases already programmed into the toy.

To operate this product you will need 4 AA alkaline batteries and of course the electronic device to access the Furby Connect app.

The devices that this works best with are listed below.


  • Devices running iOS 9.0 and above
  • iPhone 5 and aboveiPad 4 and above
  • iPad Air 1 and above
  • iPad Mini 2 and above
  • iPad Pro


  • Devices running OS 4.4 or above

The price of the Furby Connect is kind of high at $87.99 but it is more than worth it. Children will have a lot of fun with this toy and with all the amusing actions and phrases adults will enjoy it as well.

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