Ice Cream Parlor Pretend Play Set

The Special Needs Ice Cream Parlor Pretend Play Set For Children

Your child is ready to let their imagination soar, no matter their age or skill level, and the Ice Cream Shop Toy Stand Pretend Play Set is the perfect toy to let them do this. While the toy is great for any little boy or girl who likes to play pretend and learn at the same time, this toy can be the perfect addition to your home if your child has special needs. It has bright colors, easy to manage parts, and can help them to develop important life skills without feeling pressured all at the same time.

This toy has all the parts that your child will need to have fun. You will find ice cream cones, bowls, scoops, various “flavors” of ice cream, and other ice cream treats. The colors and sounds can be a great enhancement to the toy, helping to keep your child’s attention on the toy and draw in their interest as well.

In addition to the fun colors and sounds, your child will be able to play while practicing hand and eye coordination and you will be able to add some different activities into the game play to help the specific issues and skills that your special needs child should work on.

There are a lot of cool parts that come with this toy and it can be a great part of the educational needs of any child. Some of the great features include:

  • The stand looks realistic so your child will have more fun than ever playing with it.
  • There are also sounds and lights that come with the parlor to make it more fun.
  • The bright colors are perfect for helping with visual development and you can practice different colors as well.
  • Allow your child time to play pretend by owning their very own ice cream parlor.
  • An on and off button is available to turn the lights on for the ice cream so your child can see them light up!
  • Ice cream scoop to take the ice cream and place in the bowls and ice cream cones.
  • All the pieces that you need to make this a fun game. You will receive the stand, a scoop, ice cream cups and cones, ice cream, and some other ice cream treats!

Sometimes it is hard to get your child with special needs to sit down and learn. Just like with all kids, they want to get up and move around rather than sitting in one place and trying to learn. This ice cream parlor is the perfect solution. You can move things around or invent new games that work on what your child needs and they will simply feel like they are playing with you, rather than learning. And with all of the fun parts that come with the game, the bright lights and colors to keep their attention, and the fun that you and your child can have together, who has to tell them it is really about learning and not play?

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