Green Toys Mini Ferry Toy Boat

Green Toys Mini Ferry Toy Boat Is An Epic Toy That’ll Keep Your Child Entertain While Bathing

Have you been yearning to give your kid the ultimate playful bath tub excursion? Then worry no more because green toy provides you with a mini ferry toy boat that will make your child want to remain in the bath tub for hours feeling like a captain of the mini ferry.

This awesome toy is made in the USA more specifically California state using 100% recycled plastic milk jugs to reduce greenhouse gases emission and save energy. They are also made of high density polyethylene plastic material which is considered the most safe and clean plastic.Hence it has and will not pose any hazardous effect on your three year old kid as they play with them at the bath tub.

Some of the notable features that make this toy awesome include enough space on the deck that can accommodate a maximum of four mini vehicles. It also comes with two mini vehicles that are of different color. What is more is that it has a slide ramp that can also be used to load the mini vehicles on the bottom deck. Two small benches are also available on either side of the top open deck, and this toy has several windows on the upper deck that make it look like an actual ferry.

green toys mini ferry toy boat

This is a toy you should consider purchasing since not only is it easy to assemble, it is ideal to be used in bath tab since it has no screws or bolts. Secondly, it is made of a buoyant material and thus it float well on water and hence it doesn’t need you to retrieve it now and then.

It is also of no danger to your young one since there are no sharp edges and comes with two mini vehicles that the child can play with apart from being on the dock of the mini ferry. This item does not easily break which in turn makes it more durable and the multi colors amuse the child and make their play time even more fun. Finally, it is also very cheap since it only cost less than $30 which is a little amount to sacrifice for the happiness of your young one.

In conclusion, if as a parent you are looking for a toy that will keep your kid busy as you complete that work project or the kitchen chores without the kid constantly disturbing you, then go for the green toy mini ferry toy boat.It is cheap and most importantly, it is made from the safest and cleanest plastic material that is safe for you kids. Also take caution on the depth of the water in which the kid is playing in at the bath tub.

Green Toys Mini Ferry Toy Boat And Other Bath Toys

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