Hatchimals Eggs Review

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Children absolutely love to have pets and pets that are magical are even better. The company Spin Master is putting out a chain of toys called Hatchimals Eggs. Every egg has something different inside and a child will not know what their pet is like until it hatches.

Even on the teaser commercials the company does not show what the animals inside the shell look like. The mystery about what is ‘hatching’ is going to greatly increase the popularity of these toys with children within a wide age range, even parents will be curious about what is inside.

There are a lot of unique features included with the Hatchimals Eggs. There are three different animal names so far, draggles, owlicorn and pengualas. What they look like still remains to be seen but any unusual and cute animal will delight a child. The eggs all come in a variety of colors.

For the owlicorn the eggshell is a mixture of pink and blue. Draggles has two different color shells, one is green and one is purple. As for the pengualas you can get the eggs in either teal or pink. This gives a wide range of color choice since every child likes different colors and with this variety the toy will appeal to both boys and girls.

Since these toys are supposed to be eggs hatching they come with a nest to sit them in. Eventually the eggs will open up so that children can see what their pets look like, but it will take some time and the child will have to watch over the egg. In a way this can jumpstart the learning process of responsibility. If the child takes the time to watch over a toy in this way then they will understand and be better prepared for the responsibility of a real pet.

At the same time this toy is just fun and exciting because no one knows what is inside the eggshell or when it will hatch. The company has done a fine job of keeping it a secret and every child will be delighted to own one of these and discover what magical creature is hiding inside.

As stated in the first paragraph these Hatchimals Eggs will not be available until October 7th. However, to ensure that your child is one of the first to get one you can actually pre-order from online retailers before the release date. You will need AA batteries to operate these toys. In order for the eggs to hatch children will have to take time to care for them.

Compared to other toys what is included with this product is very simple, there is 1 nest, 1 Hatchimal and 1 instruction sheet. Since it is such a high quality and unique toy the price is a bit high, $59.99, but even so the product is well worth it. Children of many ages will have fun caring for and hatching their own magical pet.

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