Little Tikes Cozy Truck Review

Little Tikes Cozy Truck Review – A kids truck with the durability of Little Tikes and the fun of our Cozy Coupe

A monster truck that is built for kids – this is how most parents have described the Little Tikes Cozy Truck. This is one of the best ride-on toys that you can find in the market today. From the way it looks like, it is easy to say that it is built for tough and hard-working kids. To provide a realistic feel of the truck, the manufacturer integrates an actual door that opens and closes, as well as a realistic gas cap. It also has a steering wheel and horn, which completes its realistic appeal. Should you buy this for your kid? Keep on reading and learn more about this truck, including the things that parents liked and some issues that have been raised.

Product Features

  • Rugged construction to withstand long-term use
  • Distinctive styling that makes it look realistic
  • Removable floor board
  • Operates with the use of two LR44 Button Cell batteries for the horn
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer

Plus Points

1. Appealing and Realistic Design: Aesthetics is everything in this truck. From the first time that you have a glimpse of the Little Tikes Cozy Truck, you will be convinced that it is an essential for kids’ toys. From the grill, door, to the gas can, it looks like an actual truck, except for the fact that it is designed for the little ones. The horn with an actual sound makes it even more realistic.

2. Tough Construction: Yes, this toy is made from plastic. Nonetheless, that does not mean that it is going to be flimsy. Many of the parents who have bought such for their kids have only good words pertaining to its durability. This is the perfect to have for active kids. Even through the years, you can expect the toy to remain functional.

3. Encourages Physical Development: This is not a kind of toy that can be played while just at the corner. Rather, this is one that encourages actual movement, which makes it excellent in terms of improving coordination skills.

4. Reasonable Price: Considering the fact that it can be functional for many years, the product comes with an economical price tag.

Things to Consider

1. Difficult to Assemble: Once the product is taken out of the box, you might be overwhelmed with the number of parts that are included. It may take some time before the truck is fully assembled. This, however, will be made easier with the comprehensive instructions included by the manufacturer.

2. Materials can be Brittle in Extreme Cold: The manufacturer also issues a warning that the quality of the material can be significantly damaged and can become brittle if used in places where there is extreme cold.

Product Summary

In sum, as long as you do not use the toy in extreme cold and you exert patience in its assembly, the Little Tikes Cozy Truck will be an excellent you for kids. It has a tough body and realistic appeal, making children feel how it is like to be driving a truck.

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