Hello Kitty Toy Characters

Hello Kitty Toy Character Has Become A Global Sensation, Eventually Becoming The Face Of The Brand

Hello Kitty, originally produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, has become a global sensation with a following from nearly every country around the world. It is not hard to see why the brand has such a massive following – the characters are cute and well-developed, each with his or her own set of unique characteristics that lend comical and aesthetic value to the brand. Consequentially, each character has cultivated its own mass following and fandom across the globe.

Hello Kitty, of course, has established the largest following worldwide, lending to her instantly identifiable character. In essence, she has become the face of the brand to the point that her name is often thought to be “Hello Kitty”, although her true name is actually Kitty White. She is not technically a cat – she is actually the personified identity of a cat (a cat with human traits and characteristics). She is instantly recognizable and a truly adorable figure, and is beloved across the globe by children and adults alike.

In her role as cat-taking-on-human-characteristics, Hello Kitty actually has her own pet cat, who goes by the name of Charmmy Kitty. Charmmy Kitty very closely resembles Hello Kitty, and is often mistaken for her, although her role is to serve exclusively as Hello Kitty’s pet cat whose collar holds the key to Hello Kitty’s jewellry box. Charmmy Kitty is a white Persian, and she favours glitz and glamour, possessing a deep admiration for anything with sparkles. Perhaps because Charmmy Kitty is actually a cat, it is often argued that Charmmy Kitty is even more adorable than Hello Kitty herself.

A third popular Hello Kitty character is Tuxedo Sam. He is a blue and white penguin who acts as a dashing English gentleman figure and owns a bow-tie for every day of the year. He also is always pictured wearing a hat, which is set at a jaunty angle atop his head. Although he speaks English, he is also fluent in “Penguinese”, which he learned at the South Pole. He is a funny, clumsy character who enjoys nothing more than food and collecting bow-ties.


Finally, My Melody also ranks among the most popular Hello Kitty characters. She is characterized as a little girl rabbit who wears a pink hood to cover her ears. Although her character was originally intended to appeal to young girls, her character has transcended beyond the one demographic to appeal to women of all generations. My Melody enjoys baking cookies with her mother, and has a special preference for almond pound cake.

The Hello Kitty brand offers a massive variety of collectable merchandise for each of these characters and more. Hello Kitty, Charmmy Kitty, Tuxedo Sam, and My Melody are among the most popular figures from the brand, but of course, merchandise from every Hello Kitty character is widely consumed across the globe. To see why these characters are so popular is not difficult – each is unique, adorable, and well-loved in its own wonderful way.

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