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Kenner Company was a very popular toy brand for a number of years. It was first founded in 1947 and did have a long history in the toy industry. For many years, Kenner was an illustrious brand, and did have a wonderful array of toy offerings like no other in the toy market.

During its awesome history of providing fine toys, Kenner did manufacture many highly recognizable toys that many did love, and will always treasure for the rest of their lives. These notable toys were so wonderful and unforgettable, just how can you forget them, it’s not possible right? What were some of Kenner’s most popular of all toys? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Simple as that.


They were as follows:

One of Kenner’s original products was called the Bubble-Matic. The Bubble-Matic was a toy gun that had the ability to blow bubbles. It was truly a magical toy and did make an appearance early on, and there was at least one updated version, which did come out in the mid 1960s.

Another leading toy that Kenner Company did produce was no other than the very popular Girder and Panel Building sets. It was a popular construction toy that did come out in 1957. In 1959, there was the creation of the spot-on Give-a-Show projector, and also the Easy Bake Oven in 1963.

Another popular Kenner toy was the Electric Mold Master, which came out in the very same year of 1963, as did the Easy Bake Oven. The Spirograph was a drawing toy, and it came out officially to toy shelves from Kenner, in 1966.

Kenner Toy Products would go on to obtain the exclusive rights to, not only produce official Star Wars action figures from 1976 to 1985, but they also were able to produce the play-sets for the Star Wars trilogy as well. Right after Kenner did manage to acquire the licensing rights to make Star Wars toys, they also were able to do another amazing thing, and that was to popularize the 3.75 inch action figure that would go on to become an industry standard that still does continue to totally dominate the action figure toy market.

Some of the other very popular line of toys that Kenner was responsible for producing are no other than these. They were the toys that were associated with the very popular TV series during the 1970s called The Six Million Dollar Man and also for the very popular sci-fi film from 1979 called Alien.

In 1981, Kenner also tried its marvelous hand at creating die-cast toy cars and they were called Fast 111’s. The Fast 111’s were very short-lived on the die-cast toy car market. Another toy item that was launched by Kenner during the 1980s was the Fashion Star Fillies. The Fashion Star Fillies were a fine line of toy model horses. These toy model horses were go on, to be part of the Kenner proud toy line of products, and then they would be discontinued by the end of the decade.

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