The Hexbug Battle Spider

The Hexbug Battle Spider Are Awesome Battling Robot Spiders with Lights and sound that offer you hours and hours of addicting Battling Spider Fun.

Those who are looking for the perfect toy for a child between 6 and 8 yearsold should consider getting a Hexbug battle spider. Read this to find out more about this product and who it is ideal for, as well as what the pros and cons are of this toy.

The Hexbug battle spider is designed to battle another Hexbug battle spider. This means two people can play against each other. The battle spider is controlled with a remote and it features voice and sound effects.

The spider has a firing range of 1 meter and it will continue to fire until it is hit. When the bug has been hit at least 10 times, it will shut itself down and then a heartbeat light will start flashing rapidly, while the winner remains standing.


The Hexbug RC battle spider features a hi-tech sensor, which is designed to measure the impact of each hit. It features six legs and 360-degree steering. It is equipped with an LED forward eye and it can easily go around objects. The battle spider comes with a remote control, which allows a user to control it. Also, a user can control multiple spiders at the same time via the two-channel remote.

What It Contains

When you purchase the Hexbug battle spider, you will receive the following:

  • . Battle spider
  • . Hi-tech sensor
  • . Rotating head
  • . Remote control
  • . Batteries

Don’t forget, people can purchaser multiple spiders if they want to have battles. They will also be able to control numerous spiders with just one remote.

The Pros

Hexbug battle spiders are fast, which means players will not become bored easily. Not only are they fast, but they have been created with durable material. Parents won’t have to worry about their kids breaking it or playing to rough with it. Furthermore, battle spiders are easy to operate and any child between 6 and 8, or older, should have no problems figuring out how to use it.

Also, when the spider shuts down after being hit numerous times, the player can simply flick it right back on. This is very simple to do, but the best thing about the spiders is they are affordable and can be purchased right online.

The Cons

As for cons, there are no cons. If we had to pick one thing wrong, then it would be that batteries aren’t included. Also, there is not much of a color selection, but those are only minor things and shouldn’t stop people from buying a Hexbug battle spider.

Who Should Get It

Kids between the ages of six and eight should get it. They will love letting their imaginations go wild as they battle with their Hexbug battle spider. The spider is easy to control and will provide kids with hours of entertainment.

Order a few Hexbug battle spiders today and find out why they are so fun to use.

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