Ever After High Rosa Bella Beauty Doll Review

Ever After High Rosa Bella Beauty Doll


The Ever After High Rosa Bella Beauty Doll is the perfect doll for your little one to use to have imaginative and interactive play with her friends or by herself.  These dolls will help your child explore the world of Ever After where the teenaged sons and daughters of the most famous fairy tale characters decide whether or not they are going to fall into the same footsteps as their parents.  Rosa Bella is the teenage daughter of Beauty and the Beast and while she has her mother’s beauty, she also has her father’s ferocity.  This means that she is ready to stand up and rebel against the powers that be to be a voice for her cause.


Product Features:


  • Toy helps your child to develop better social skills when playing with other children.
  • Toy allows your child to enjoy the world of imaginative play as she takes Rosa Bella on adventures to help stand up for what she believes in.
  • Helps your child learn ways that they can stand up for things that they believe are right while still following rules and listening.
  • Cute accessories that make play time even more fun.
  • Trendy and stylish clothing that your child is sure to love and enjoy.
  • Toy Size = 8” x 2.5” x 12.8”
  • Toy Weight = 10.9 ounces


Plus Points:


1.Fun Accessories for the Budding Fashionista:The Ever After High Rosa Bella Doll comes complete with fun accessories and clothing that are sure to inspire even the most acutely aware budding fashionista. She is wearing a stylish jacket that is fur lined along with a modern spin on the classic gown that Belle wore to dance with the Beast. She is also wearing a stylish belt, modern boots, a gold cuff bracelet, rings, and modern chandelier earrings.  She even has a cute and trendy clutch that is perfect for inspiring your child’s own budding sense of fashion.


2.Appropriate Example:One thing that parents are going to love is that this doll has appropriate fashion choices.  She is wearing a dress that is considerably longer than what you see on many style and fashion focused dolls.  This makes it a great choice for parents who are concerned with their children having positive role models in their life.


3.Series Encourages Reading:Another thing that parents are really going to enjoy is that the series encourages your child to read.  That’s right, your child is going to love reading the books that follow along with the characters from Ever After High.  Plus the clutch is shaped like a book so that your little one believes that reading is cool and the popular or trendy thing to do.


4.Fun for the Imagination:Your child will love being able to imagine and play with her Rosa Bella doll.  This doll is perfect for allowing your child to explore tough issues like bullying and other things that are happening at school.  If your child has friends over they will be encouraged to take their own experiences and to use them as part of their imaginative play.  If you are playing with your child, you can explore different topics through “imagination” that your child might not be comfortable with exploring otherwise.



Things To Consider:


1.Mature Proportions: In a world where children are known to grow up a bit too fast, it seems like dolls are encouraging that with the mature proportions and adult looks.  One thing that is nice about this doll is that it has facial expressions and such that make it girly but it does have a very mature body style that could cause body image issues in girls who are struggling.  In a world where parents are longing for their children to stay children longer this doll could send some mixed messages.


2.Not Meant For Rough Play:This doll is not meant for rough play.  In fact, many people have reported that hands or feet have fallen off when their children are playing with it.  This doll is recommended for children who are aged 3 and older but a 3 or 4 year old might be a bit too rough with this doll.  There are also many pieces that could be choking hazards if your 3 year old still tends to put things in their mouth (not uncommon for 3 year olds from time to time).


Product Summary:


The Ever After High Rosa Bella Doll is a great doll for those who love fashion and who are being taught by their parents to stand up for what is right and make a difference.  The doll also has a long series of books that can be purchased separately.  Being able to interact and play with a doll while reading is something that many children who are not fans of reading might enjoy immensely.



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