Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up Track Set Review

Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up Track Set Is An Awesome Playset That Will Entertain Your Children For Hours!


Kids will get their vroom on with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up Track Set. The spiral track set-up looks just like a real car factory mashed-up into a race track. There are multiple launch gates for the vehicles but watch out! Cars that are “rejected” during the race inspection are thrown off the track and have to start all over. The Spiral Stack-Up Track Set can be built vertically or horizontally in order to create a number of unexpected layouts. One vehicle is included in the set. Ages 4 and older.


Product Information

• Recommended Ages = 4 – 10 years.
• Product Dimensions: 18 x 2.8 x 12 inches ; 2.8 pounds


Product Features

• Four stackable risers, allowing kids to build vertically, horizontally or even in a spiral

• Two red launcher arms

• One grey launcher lever

• One Hot Wheels vehicle is included

• Multiple launching gates to start races from nearly anywhere on the track set.

• Several platforms to hold vehicles in place until it’s time to launch



Plus Points

1. Compatible with many other Hot Wheels sets: This is part of the Hot Wheels Track Builder system, so it can be added to other sets already owned by the kids. The set can also use other standard-sized Hot Wheels vehicles, but it is not for use with the larger Disney-branded Cars movie vehicles.

2. Versatile: The spiral stack-up can be built in a number of configurations and by adding other track to the set-up, there is a near limitless number of ways kids can play with the set.

3. It’s Inexpensive: With a suggested price of around $20, you get a lot of toy for a very modest expense. And given that many kids already have some other Hot Wheels cars and/or track, they’ll be able to add this set to their already familiar collection.



Things To Consider

1. The Set-Up Is Complicated: The set has a lot of parts and while there is a fairly detailed instruction book, it’s still very easy to get it wrong when putting it together for the first time. You’ll also want to put off placing the stickers onto the set until you’ve had a chance to see it in action. Mostly because some of the places where it might seem logical at first glance to put stickers turn out to also be the places where the stickers will get in the way of the gameplay.

2. Only One Vehicle Included: The downside of the smaller price is that the set only comes with one vehicle. And you’ll want at least a couple of more cars to take best advantage of the spiral ramps and racing platforms. There’s nothing worse than a child opening up their present, only to realize they don’t have everything they need to start playing immediately.



Product Summary

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Spiral Stack-Up Track Set , they veer off in unexpected directions and the gameplay is different enough that your kids won’t get bored after just a few minutes. The set provides a good entertainment-to-cost ration and as a parent, that’s some of the best news you can get in a toy.



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