Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set Review

Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set


For little ones who love cars and racing, the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set is the perfect choice. This set features not one or two, but three varying loops that are sure to keep all ages on the edge of their seats with excitement. With the Hot Wheels Triple Twister Set, you can simultaneously race any number of vehicles to create crazy-fun chaos while watching cars whizz their way through gravity-defying twists and loops.


Product Information


For ages 3-12
One car is included
Requires four D batteries

Base which includes:

• Motorized boosters
• Trap doors
• Diverter which changes a car’s direction to set a collision in motion
• iPad stand (iPad not included) with new glyph technology

Set which includes:

• Three loops of various heights and sizes
• One car
• Ultimate crash zone
• Tracks built for high speed and fast-crashing chaos.


Plus Points


1. The absolute coolest aspect of this toy is the fact that users can attach their iPad to the base of the racetrack and virtually race through five different and unique worlds. These tracks include Team Hot Wheels, Shark Park, Farm, Dinosaur and Robot Battle. The Hot Wheels Powerport app is free to download in the iTunes store. After downloading, you just attach your iPad to the set. Your iPad will then interact with the set to make both virtual and real worlds collide on the track. Your kid can even record and playback videos of their virtual racing action. Now how cool is that?
2. There are two red diverters on the track which will allow your child to direct traffic and if desired, create massive Hot Wheels collisions. This feature is sure to be a hit with everyone in the house.
3. Since there are three hoops of varying sizes and shapes (one of them even has twists!), as well as trap doors, this track is sure to provide hours of fun for your little one.


Things to consider


1. The iPad. If you don’t have an iPad, this probably isn’t the toy for you and your child. It seems that the iPad feature and app are two of the main features that this track has to offer. Not being able to enjoy the virtual aspect of watching the races on an iPad will probably dampen the fun quite a bit. Not to mention the fact that the pricing on the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set is strongly due to the iPad feature.
2. Price. As previously mentioned, the price of the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set is quite expensive and will set you back about 60 dollars. But if you have an iPad, it can prove to be worth the money since this toy provides such a unique and fun experience with the introduction of virtual worlds for children to race in.

Product Summary


The Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister costs a pretty penny and is heavily dependent on the iPad. If you don’t mind the price tag and iPad feature, this toy could prove to be a very fun and memorable experience for children. The fact that a child can race virtually and see the track respond to what’s going on on-screen is very cool and is bound to be a very popular choice when playtime comes around. Overall, if you have an iPad and don’t mind spending the money for it, the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set is a very sound purchase for Hot Wheels enthusiasts young and old.



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