Shaboom! Board Game

Shaboom! Board Game – Face off against your opponents in a series of challenges sure to test your speed and agility. Actions that anyone can do.

What a game! My husband and I purchased this game for family game nights (which we have every Friday) with our kids, who are aged seven and eight. It’s safe to say that our entire family had a blast with this board game! It’s fast-paced, interactive, and had us laughing for the entire time.

It’s been quite difficult lately to find a game that keeps both of our kids entertained, as they are turning into such unique individuals. Our oldest is a lot quieter (usually) and contemplative. She enjoys reading independently and watching movies or coloring, while our youngest is a giant ball of constant energy, moving from one activity to the next with little warning and no apparent rhyme or reason. He likes action and entertainment, and he is extremely vocal and competitive.

It was absolutely hilarious to see Shaboom! bring out the competitive side in both of our kids at the same time. Our oldest – usually, so collected and quiet – was laughing and yelling along with the rest of us for the entire game, which is a very rare sight to see.

The game is entirely based on action, and how quickly each player can complete an action – so naturally, we hoped that this game would keep our son entertained. He was actually enthralled for the entire evening with this game (he usually gets bored about half anhour into family game night). It’s based on actions that, theoretically, anyone can do, although it becomes hilariously more challenging because the game revolves around how quickly each person can complete a given activity.

Being contemplative and strategic at times paid off for our oldest, because she was more likely to finish an action on the first go, although she sometimes went too slowly. She particularly excelled when it came to the spelling portions – all that reading is really helping her! Our son, on the other hand, barreled through everything as quickly as he could, and often that allowed him to be more successful in a round.

Being a year younger and not as big of a reader as his big sister, though, impacted him when it came to the spelling sections, so I think the age frame for this game is appropriate in that sense – I don’t think younger kids would be as successful.

However, although the game is geared towards kids aged six to eight, I would definitely say that my husband and I were both highly entertained by this game as well, and not just because our kids were enjoying it so much. When even a simple task becomes a race, it somehow becomes ten times more challenging to complete successfully! Overall, our family had a lot of fun with this one, and it will definitely make a reappearance in future family game nights.

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