Interactive Remote Control R2-D2

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic

R2D2 Interactive Robot RC Is One Of The Most Popular Old Star Wars Movie Characters

This Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 is one of the best Star Wars toys to hit the market as of yet. R2 D2 was one of the most popular characters in the old Star Wars movies and with the release of the next segment in the Star Wars saga the popularity of the characters has a totally new audience. A lot of these are children love for the characters to be real and with this interactive droid they can feel as if some of the story had really come to life.

The Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 has several preprogrammed commands that allows children to manuever the toy around just like in the movies. Children can use the remote control to instantly commands to the toy. There are ten buttons on this toy that can be programmed for over 1,000 action combinations. The responses that are given by the robot are voice activated, so whatever command is given is what the toy will do.

The Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 can move in many different directions, such as backwards forwards and from side to side. Its head even moves in coordination with whatever actions and sounds it is performing, just like R2 D2 in the movie. One of the most memorable parts of the very first Star Wars movie was when R2 D2 was projecting Princess Leah’s image for Luke and Obi Wan to see. Well, this product can actually project her image on a wall, so all your young Jedis can hear her call for help.

This product is packed with great features that are sure to delight any child. The droid is 19×18.5×11.9 inches so it is not so big that children cannot handle it easily. It also will not knock everything in the house over during their play time.

Star Wars 94254 R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid, 17.1 x 11.7 x 11.5-Inch

The item weighs 9 pounds total, again not overly large. Recommended ages for this product is 4 and up, so any Star Wars fan no matter how old can enjoy this just as much as a child. As stated earlier there are a lot of advanced features packed into this product. That being said it does cost more than the regular toys offered in the Star Wars line, $214.99 to be exact. However, the product is well made, has a lot of great features and will add a lot of fun to any child’s adventures.

In order to run this product you will need 6 AA batteries for the robot alone and then you will need 2 more AA batteries for the remote. This item can be ordered online at a number of different retailers including the Amazon website. There are other Star Wars items being put out at later dates but for now I would definitely say that the Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 is the top of the line for Star Wars toys or,for the collector, memoribilia. Whatever the reason for your purchase everyone will enjoy bringing a true to the story R2 D2 into their home.

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