Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle

Marvels Hulk RC

RC Hulk Smash Vehicle By Marvel For True Fan Boys

Some of the top most popular toys on the market today are the Marvel superheroes. Since the release of the first Captain America movie the popularity of anything connected with Marvel has sky rocketed.

Then of course there was the release of the first Avengers movie. Now, some of the characters in that movie had been in movies that were solely about them but it was not until the Avengers movie that they became very popular, especially among the younger audience. One of the most loved characters by children was the Hulk. This large, green, bad tempered creature played a very big role in the Avengers and after that the Hulk became many child’s favorite character.

Keeping with the trend many companies have developed different Hulk figurines and products that are highly popular with children. One of these products is the Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle.

This is an excellent toy that will bring hours of fun to any child. The remote included with this toy allows the child to do many different movements, such as flipping the vehicle, doing wheelies, spinning and smashing through objects.All of this would delight any child but there is more.

There is a pre-programmed spin on this toy called the tornado spin. Using the red button the child can make the Hulk spin around at an incredible speed for about 10 seconds. This Hulk toy also has arms that can be positioned for many different smashing positions, in fact there are 8 different positions the arms can be put in depending on what obstacle the child wants to go through.So when a child wants the Hulk to smash something all they have to do is drive towards the obstacle and the Hulk’s arms will do the rest.

Marvel's Hulk

Even if they happen to tip the Hulk over while demolishing obstacles they do not have to stop playing just to put him right side up again. No, this toy will actually right itself, using the Hulk’s arms, and they can keep right on going. Even if the toy runs into the wall it will simply flip around go in another direction.

Another great feature this toy has is the 10 Hulk phrases and the smashing sounds. Noises always please children so having all these sounds while they are smashing things can make things a lot more fun for many children.

The Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle takes 6 AA alkaline batteries to run the toy itself. For the remote you will need 2 AA alkaline batteries. The size of this product is 15 x 9 x 15 inches which is large enough to thrill the children but still small enough for them to handle.

This product is well made and weighs 4.8 pounds, which is not too much for a child to carry around. The price is reasonable for such a well made toy that offers so much. Children ages 4 and up will be thrilled to have such a feature packed Hulk toy to use in all their superhero adventures.

Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle And Other Remote Control Figures/Vehicles

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