LeapFrog TAG Reading System Review

LeapFrog TAG Reading System Review


Reading is one of the essential skills that children should learn. At a young age, they should already be taught how to read so that they can pick the habit when they grow up. The problem is that most children view reading as a boring activity. To eliminate boredom, why not teach them how to read with the use of an entertaining toy, such as in the case of LeapFrog TAG Reading System? Made for children aged 4 to 8, this is recommended by 99% of teachers. Essentially, the toy is an optical pen that has a built-in speaker, a tool that can be used to raise good readers.



Product Features


  • Non-slip pen with ergonomic design
  • Activity book with specially printed stories
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Integrated camera at the tip of the pen to recognize the characters in the book
  • More than 30 books and games


Plus Points


  1. Toy made for Learning: Learning opportunities with the use of this modern reader will be almost endless. Some of the things that children can learn with the use of such include phonological awareness, word recognition, vocabulary, listening, and reading comprehension, among others.
  2. Easy to Use: The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is shaped like a pen and there is an integrated optical reader on the tip. It has an ergonomic design, which makes it effortless to hold. It is lightweight and shaped specifically for the small fingers of children. It also comes with an adjustable volume control.
  3. Engaging Functionality: One of the best things about this the LeapFrog TAG Reading System is that it is very engaging, giving kids one good reason to love reading. Because of the entertainment factor that is provided by the toy, children will easily spend hours reading in the absence of getting bored.
  4. Durable Design: When shopping for toys for kids, durability is one thing that should be given emphasis. In such case, this toy is going to provide the best value for your money because it comes with a tough design, making it perfect for kids who often drop their toys.
  5. Touch Response System: Once the reader is able to touch a specific portion of the included or compatible book, it will respond in an entertaining manner, such as through sound effects or music.


Things to Consider


  1. Eats up Batteries: One of the most common complaints from parents who have bought this toy for their kids is how it consumes too much battery.
  2. Poor Customer Service: There are also customers who have complained how they tried calling the customer support hotline for help but they were not given the assistance that they seek.



Product Summary


To teach children how to read without being bored, the LeapFrog TAG Reading System offers a novel solution. This is more than just a toy. It can be considered as a learning tool. With its ergonomic and minimal design, kids will surely find it effortless to use. When it comes to functionality, users never run out of good words to share because of how entertaining and educational it is.



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