LEGO CITY Garbage Truck 60118

LEGO CITY Garbage Truck 60118

Every little boy loves receiving Legos for Christmas, and they can never have too many. Make your child the happiest they have ever been by purchasing this awesome Lego set. The dream career of little boys include being a garbage man, and with this toy set they can easily play pretend. Everything about this truck is the best quality, and you don’t have to worry about knock off parts not fitting. For the amazing price of $37.50, you get one of the coolest garbage trucks around. Your child won’t be able to be any more excited when they see this lying underneath the tree.

Best Features

The garbage truck comes with everything your child will need to play to their heart’s desire. They will love the figurines it comes with, in addition to the fake garbage. The parts are fairly easy to put together, and your child will love going through their lego city to play with it. The pieces are constructed well, and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or coming apart. The pieces stick together and snap, ensuring that they will stay put together and strong.

What’s Included

When you purchase this Lego City garbage truck, you receive the full garbage truck, the lift that moves up and down, a container that tilts and opens to let the garbage out, 2 fish figured, a banana figure, a glass, 5 brick studs, a shovel, and a broom. You will also receive a driver and a helper.


This garbage truck will be the perfect addition to your already booming Lego set. This Lego set is different than any you will already have, and it is very cool. The garbage truck looks like a real garbage truck, and it is all decked out with everything you need to ensure you have the perfect garbage truck experience for your child. You don’t have to purchase anything else with this set, and you never have to replace batteries. If that doesn’t sell you on the idea, I don’t know what will!


The only bummer is that is does not come with a garbage can to empty out. You can build one with the brick studs it comes with though.

Final Verdict

At less than $40, this garbage truck Lego set is a steal. It will easily make your child the happiest kid on Christmas morning, and you won’t have to put anything complicated together. This set is very easy to put together, and it comes with everything you need. I would not hesitate to purchase it again.

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