LEGO Creator Cargo Heliplane

The Highly Rated LEGO Creator Cargo Heliplane Building Set!

These Lego creator sets are what Legos are really all about. They remind me of my childhood, and they have multiple uses for them. This creator set is amazingly cheap, at only $16.75. You get to build three different creations, and it will keep your child busy for hours on end. If you love Legos, or you have a child who loves Legos, this will be the perfect present waiting underneath the Christmas tree. Stop worrying about what you are going to get your child, and buy this immediately! You will have one happy little boy come Christmas morning, and he will be thrilled to get more Legos.

Best Features

This Lego set is extremely versatile. You can make three different creations with this set. You can build a helicopter, a plane, and a boat. Depending on what your child wants to play with, they could be building something new every single day. This will keep your child occupied for days to comes as the build and rebuild the three different figures. It is meant for children between the ages of 6-12. It is not the most difficult Lego creator set, but it also isn’t the easiest.

What’s Included

When you order this set, you get a whopping 132 pieces. These pieces can be assembled to become a cargo helicopter, plane, or boat.


The three creations look completely different from each other, so your child will want to see all three of them at some point. They are easy to play with, and they look really cool. They do not require any batteries, so playing is completely up to your child’s imagination. These creator sets are different than any Legos you may already have, and the price is amazing. You can’t often find a toy for less than $20, so this is a great deal.


Younger kids will definitely need some help, unless you have a little future architect on your hands.

Final Verdict

I wanted a toy that I could buy for my children and nephews without breaking the bank. I didn’t want to spend more than $20, so I was afraid I wasn’t going to find anything cool. Thankfully, I found this toy. I know I am going to have a few happy boys on  my hands come Christmas morning. These toys are so fun to play with, and your children will love stepping away from their electronics for a moment to play with these creative Lego sets. I highly recommend this toy.

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