LEGO Superheroes 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack Review

LEGO Superheroes 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack Is A Full Kit Of Figures, Vehicles And Building Blocks!


If your kids love superheroes, the LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack is perfect. Inspired by one of the most popular DC superheroes, this playset features the iconic Batman along with 2 other mini figures, a fully functional Batcopter and much more. Your kids can use this playset to take the skies as Batman or Nightwing and battle it out with the villainous Man-Bat using a range of weapons and vehicles.

Product Information


  • Recommended Ages = 6 to 12 years old
  • Total Pieces = 184



Product Features


2 vehicles which include:

  • Batcopter with opening cockpit, spinning rotors, two flick missiles and a functional winch and hook (which measures 3 inches x 11 inches x 3 inches)
  • Nightwing’s glider with grapples (which measures 2 inches x 3 inches)


3 mini figures including:

  • 1 Batman mini figure
  • 1 Nightwing mini figure
  • 1 Man-Bat mini figure


Weapons include:

  • 2 dynamite sticks
  • 1 Batarang



Plus Points


1.Batman Branding:The LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack is a real treat for fans of Batman. The Batman mini figure is amazingly detailed and featuresa batsuit (complete with the yellow and black Batman logo, a yellow utility belt and a torso outline), cape and helmet. The Batcopter also features similar, high quality Batman branding and the set even includes a Batarang that can be used by the mini figure. Kids who love Batman will really appreciate all these references to their favorite superhero and get much more enjoyment from this LEGO set because of them.


2.Lots Of Functional Features:LEGO are well known for creating highly functional, interactive playsets and the LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack is no exception. The Batcopter includes rotating blades, flick fire missiles and a fully operational winch and hook which can directly attach to the grapples on Nightwing’s glider. Your kids can also equip the mini figures with dynamite or a Batarang. They’ll have lots of fun exploring all these features and want to come back to this set time and time again.


3.Low Price:The LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack costs less than $20 and for this price you’re getting full Batman branding, 2 vehicles, 3 mini figures and accessories. It’s a great deal and affordable for most budgets.



Things To Consider


1.Characters: One area where LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack could be improved is the choice of supporting characters. Nightwing and Man-Bat are both lesser known Batman characters and it would have been nice to see more familiar faces such as Robin, The Joker, The Riddler, Bane or Two Face included in this set.


Product Summary


Whether your little one loves Batman or simply enjoys playing with LEGO, the LEGO Superheroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack is well worth purchasing. The figures and vehicles are lots of fun, it’s a highly functional set and it’s great value for money.



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