Ever After High Bunny Blanc Doll Review

Ever After High Bunny Blanc Doll Is One Of The Most Popular Charaters From Ever After High! Definitely Will Keep Your Child Entertained!


The Ever After High Bunny Blanc Doll is based on one of the most popular characters from Ever After High, Bunny Blanc.  Bunny Blanc is the daughter of the white rabbit from Wonderland.  She is not like her father though in that while she might be running late, she manages to get where she is going on time.  She definitely has the whimsical nature of Alice in Wonderland and has that creative fun inspiration that is really going to be perfect for little girls who love to be just a bit different.  She is one of the characters who is happy to fall in line with the prewritten destiny that has been created for her.  She is a royal and not a rebel.


Product Features:


  • Whimsical clothing and accessories make this doll one that is perfect for the child who is more imaginative.
  • While your child might pretend that they are running late with Bunny Blanc, you will be surprised to find that they always are able to arrive right on time.
  • Really allows your child to be imaginative and creative.
  • More timeless look that captures the true essence of the story, Alice in Wonderland.
  • Toy that will encourage your child to imagine and become creative.
  • Toy Size = 8” x 2.5” x 12.8”
  • Toy Weight = 10.9 ounces



Plus Points:


1.Toy Encourages Child to Follow the Rules:The Royals, like Bunny Blanc are a bit different than the Rebels from Ever After High. As a Royal, this toy is going to encourage your child to be happy with the life that is there for them and to fall in line and follow the rules. Bunny Blanc is happy to go through life doing the things that are expected from her and written for her in her own fairytale.  Sometimes children need to be happy following along in the life that they are given and this doll is going to encourage just that.

2.Teaches Your Child to Learn to Overcome:Overcoming things is something that is hard for many children. There are struggles to do things that you might not want to do that are good for you in life. This doll helps encourage your child to realize that this is the way that things are done and that they too can overcome the things in life that are might be holding them back.  Instead of just accepting that she is going to be late, Bunny Blanc works hard to be on time even when she is running late.


3. Encourages Your Child to Imagine While Reading:Children who are able to imagine the scenarios when reading are happier to be reading than children who are not able to do this.  If you want your child to be able to have success with their reading, then you should check out the Ever After High Bunny Blanc Doll.  Playing with this doll is going to encourage your child to use their imagination. When they read the stories that coordinate to the doll, you will find that they are able to imagine the scenarios better.


4.Creative and Fun Wonderland Themed Clothes and Accessories:Bunny Blanc certainly lets her storybook presence known.  This fun Wonderland themed doll features all of the adorable Wonderland themed clothing and accessories that you might expect.  The doll has a creative Wonderland themed dress with beautiful tall button boots and even a clock themed bag as homage to her dad, the white rabbit.



Things To Consider:


1.Mature Themes: Not many young children are concerned with being late.  In fact, for most children, it is the parents who maintain the responsibility of making sure that they stay on time.  The Ever After Bunny Blanc Doll is centered around this theme of being on time which can be kind of confusing to younger children who might not have this knowledge.


2.Easily Breakable:Ever After High dolls are made with movable parts and features.  This means that there are tiny pieces on the doll, like their hands, that can easily be broken if your child is playing with the doll too rough.  While this is something that you might not have to worry about, parents should take note and understand whether or not this is the right toy for their kids.


Product Summary:


The Ever After High Bunny Blanc Doll is a fun and whimsical doll that is perfect for your child who has a big imagination.  This doll is fun to play with and offers your child a look at what it would be like to grow up in Wonderland.  While she might be running late, she works hard to make sure that she is on time.  This is one of those great dolls that is going to make reading the books and interacting even more fun.



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