Luxury Inflatable Pizza Pool Float

Luxury Inflatable Pizza Pool Float

Pizza is the best food on the face of the planet, no questions asked. Pizza is enjoyable no matter where you are, but it is especially enjoyable when you are by the pool. If you are going on a tropical vacation this winter, what better gift to give or receive than a giant pizza float? Everyone can see how much you love pizza, and it is the perfect gift for those who want to lounge around poolside throughout their vacation. If you want to be even cooler, this pizza float can attach to other pizza floats!

here is a direct link to the Luxury Inflatable Pizza Pool Float video


Best Features

You could create a whole floating pizza if you bought enough of these pool floats. The pool floats come with built in bungee connectors, so you can stay close to your friends in the pool. The giant raft will be the envy of everyone around, and they will be ready to eat pizza after seeing this raft. If the raft couldn’t get any cooler, it comes with built in cup holders. Whether you are lounging around drinking a margarita, or your child is drinking a soda, this cup holder has you covered. The pizza crust is elevated, making it the perfect place to lay down your head. The shape is great to relax in, and the colors of this pizza are very bright.

What’s Included

You get your pizza slice raft with built in cup holder, the bungee connectors, and the included air pump.


There really isn’t anything cooler than having a slice of pizza as your pool float. This pool float is easy to inflate thanks to the included air pump. It is also very comfortable, as the shape is perfect to lay on and tan. The fact you can connect it to other rafts is a huge plus, and it is comfortable due to the raised pizza crust head rest.


The price of $29.99 is a bit steep for a pool float.


Final Verdict

This is a high quality product, and I would not hesitate to purchase it again. I have high hopes that this will last me multiple summers, and everyone will be jealous of my pizza slice float. If you need the coolest pool float your can find, this is the one for you. It is comfortable, easy to inflate, and will last a long time. Don’t hesitate to purchase it, it is bound to go out of stock soon! Looking for more? find out whats new here

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