Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

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Magformers are some of the coolest new toys available on the market. Every child is going to be begging for these toys for Christmas, so I went ahead and ordered them for my child in anticipation of the price going up. Magformers are super cool because they connect by magnets. They are easier to build than Legos, and they are much faster too. You can build higher buildings, and the pieces are see through and geometric. It helps your child to think creatively, and they won’t be worrying about their electronics at all while playing with these. For those kids with overactive minds, this is a wonderful outlet to use to help them calm down.

Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

Best Features

These pieces are extremely well made. The geometric shapes are very cool, and the colors remain bright throughout use. This magformer set can be used with all other sets, and the rare neodymium magnets are strong and secure. These won’t be breaking down quickly, and you won’t break open your skin by stepping on them like you do with Legos. If your child needs a new toy to play with, this is the perfect toy for both girls and boys.


Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)

What’s Included

  • 112 pieces total: 48 triangles, 46 squares, 4 hexagons, 12 pentagons and 2 wheels.

Magformers Challenger Set (112-pieces)


This magformer kit is great for those who love magnets and building sets. I love how the magnets attach to each other, and they are easier to use than Legos. The set also doesn’t come with specific buildings to build, so they are much more versatile and unique. The colors are bright and easy to use, and they are perfect for all ages.


The price is a bit heft at $76.59. However, it comes with a ton of pieces so it isn’t too bad of a price really.


Final Verdict

I can’t imagine my child not playing with magformers. Ever since the first set I purchased they have been in love. If you have never bought a magformers set, this one is a good deal for how many pieces come in it. Your child will be hooked immediately, and you will love using these over Legos. They are easier to keep contained, easier to play with, and more versatile in what they can build. Don’t hesitate purchasing these, they will make a great gift this holiday season. Buy them while they are still available, this is going to be one popular toy come December.

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