Make a Fabulous Upcycled Christmas Wreath

Make a Fabulous Upcycled Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are one of the common holiday decorations around the globe. They vary in size, price and design. You can get spend a lot on these, especially the glamorous ones. But in this activity, you won’t need to do that, because we will be upcycling a wreath out of newspapers. This wreath is 98% upcycled, thus making this eco-friendly and affordable.


Step 1: (wreath photo 1) Gather all the materials from the list below:

Hot glue

Green duct tape




Paint brushes

A piece of red and yellow sponge paper

A short ribbon at least ½ centimeter thick


Water-based paint – red, yellow and blue (basic colors used since I just mixed yellow and blue to form my desired green)

Step 2: (wreath photo 2) Get 3 pieces of newspaper spread. Roll each as tight as possible.

Step 3: (wreath photo 3) Tightly tape one end with duct tape.

Step 4: (wreath photo 4) Tightly braid this until you reach the end.

Step 5: (wreath photo 5) Form the braid into a circle and tape it with a green duct tape. This will be the wreath body.

Step 6: (wreath photo 6) Paint the front and the sides of the wreath body with a green paint.

Step 7: (wreath photo 7) Let the paint dry.

Step 8: (wreath photo 8) Cut two long strips from the newspaper with a width of 12 centimeters and 9 centimeters, respectively.

Step 9: (wreath photo 9) Paint these two long strips with a red paint. Let it dry for several hours.

Step 10: (wreath photo 10) When the wreath body is dry, apply a second coat of paint. Let it dry again.

Step 11: (wreath photo 11) Cut a strip of paper. Roll this tightly until you reach your desired thickness. This will be the candle in the middle of the wreath. The height of the candle is roughly 2-inches. Hot glue this when you reach your desired thickness.

Step 12: (wreath photo 12) Cut the excess paper on the paper roll.

Step 13: (wreath photo 13) Paint your candle paper roll with yellow paint.

Step 14: (wreath photo 14) Cut a small flame shape in the yellow sponge paper, then highlight this by cutting a bigger flame from the red sponge paper. Hot glue the two sponge layers together to create a double layer flame.

Step 15: (wreath photo 15) Wrap your ribbon around the candles’ body. Hot glue this to secure it. Cut the excess ribbon.

Step 16: (wreath photo 16) Hot glue the flame shape on top of the candle once it’s already dry.

Step 17: (wreath photo 17) Stick your candle on the inner wreath body. Put a lot of hot glue on the base to prevent the candle from falling.

Step 18: (wreath photo 18) Get your two dried long red strips, then crumple both.

Step 19: (wreath photo 19) Get your thicker red strip and form a bow out of it. Afterward, get the thinner red strip and put it the middle of the bow that you made. This should be equally folded since the thin strip will serve as the tail of the bow. Secure both in the middle using a small strip of the same material and color.

Step 20: (wreath photo 20) Glue the formed ribbon on the front part of the wreath body, just below the candle.

Step 21: (wreath photo 21) Put some style on the tail of the ribbon by cutting it.

Step 22: (wreath photo 22) Cut a piece of ribbon, this will be used to hang the wreath.

Step 23: (wreath photo 23) Glue the small ribbon at the back of the wreath, immediately situated on top of it.

Step 24: (wreath photo 24) You can now display your upcycled wreath in your front door.

Step 25: (wreath photo 25) Tada! Finally done!

Upcycling newspapers has never been this fab! You can upscale the wreath if you want, just as long as you have a lot of newspapers with you. Who would have thought that you’ve converted plain newspaper into a beautiful Christmas wreath? Creativity changes everything! So don’t hesitate to try!