Make a Fluffy Snowman Decor

Make a Fluffy Snowman Decor

Do you want to make a cost-efficient snowman décor this coming holiday? We just need some common household materials to be create with this décor. This décor is easy to make and may also serve as a fun activity with a family member or friends. All you need is to pull some things on your drawer or cabinet, and you are good to go! Let’s begin!

Step 1: (fluffy snowman photo 1) Gather all the materials from the list below:

Considerable amount of cotton

Hot glue

White glue


A pair of googly eyes

Crochet thread

Red, orange, brown and white construction paper

Small piece of red felt

A piece of brown pipe cleaner

Step 2: (fluffy snowman photo 2) Apply white glue on half of the toilet paper roll. Spread this evenly and use a considerable amount.

Step 3: (fluffy snowman photo 3) Get your cotton and wrap it around the area of the toilet paper roll with white glue on it. Put several layers on it.

Step 4: (fluffy snowman photo 4) Cover the remaining half of the toilet paper roll with white glue.

Step 5: (fluffy snowman photo 5) Get your cotton and wrap it around the part of the roll with white glue, but this time, it should be thicker than the other half.

Step 6: (fluffy snowman photo 6) Puff the cotton on the roll to create a good effect.

Step 7: (fluffy snowman photo 7) Glue the googly eyes on the thinner part of the snowman. The thinner part is the head while the thicker part is the body.

Step 8: (fluffy snowman photo 8) Cut a piece of orange construction paper and form it into a cone. This will be the snowman’s nose.

Step 9: (fluffy snowman photo 9) Stick the nose on the face of the snowman just below the eyes.

Step 10: (fluffy snowman photo 10) Cut a strip of red felt. Be sure that it’s long enough to wrap around the neck of the snowman. This will be his scarf. Tie the scarf and glue the intersection of the scarf so that this will not fall off.

Step 11: (fluffy snowman photo 11) Cut three small circles of brown construction paper. Then stick these on the middle on the body just below the scarf. These are the buttons of snowman.

Step 12: (fluffy snowman photo 12) Cut two 7-8 centimeter pieces of brown pipe cleaner. This will be the snowman’s arms.

Step 13: (fluffy snowman photo 13) Stick the arms on both sides of the snowman using hot glue.

Step 14: (fluffy snowman photo 14) Bend the middle of the arm in 45 degrees to create a “joint effect” for the arm.

Step 15: (fluffy snowman photo 15) Cut a circle and a rectangle from the red construction paper. The measurement is dependent on the size of the diameter of your toilet paper roll. Glue the rectangle from end to end to form a cylinder. This will be used to construct the hat.

Step 16: (fluffy snowman photo 16) Cut a small strip of white paper and stick it near the bottom part of the cylinder, but leave a small space just below this. This will be the lining of the hat.

Step 17: (fluffy snowman photo 17) Stick the brim of the hat (the circle) to the cylinder.

Step 18: (fluffy snowman photo 18) Finally, put a hole in the middle of the brim so that the head of the snowman can fit in.

Step 19: (fluffy snowman photo 19) Cut a piece of crochet thread. The length will depend on how long you want the string to be. Hot glue this from the insides of the head part of the snowman.

Step 20: (fluffy snowman photo 20) Slip the hat on the head and secure it with hot glue on the inner brim of the hat.

Step 21: (fluffy snowman photo 21) Hang your fluffy snowman on your tree or you can likewise display this by your window or near your fire place.

Step 22: (fluffy snowman photo 22) Your fluffy snowman is finally done!

The more cotton you have, the fluffier the snowman will be. You can also change some materials if you want (e.g. the pipe cleaner can be replaced with small branches or toothpicks). This is an easy all-around décor that you can make for the holidays. Just be creative with the materials that you have in your own home. Enjoy!

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