Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster – Eradicate entire hordes of zombies at one time with this hardcore Zombie Strike Doominator blaster!

While little children like to play with toys it can be harder to find toys that older children will enjoy. There are some toys that were designed to keep older children entertained and interested. The Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster is a toy gun that is designed for children 8 and up. With this toy a child can pretend they are fighting off a zombie invasion.

This Zombie Strike toy will fire up to 24 of the Nerf darts without needing to be reloaded. There are four dart drums that flip up. Each of these drums is able to hold up to six darts at a time. When one of the drums have become empty during shooting the gun will allow a child to flip up the next one and the gun will continue to shoot.

There are three different positions that the handle can be placed in. This gun comes with 24 darts as well as complete instructions. There is also a picture target that the child can shoot at. If something were to happen to a dart the other Nerf darts can be used in this gun as well.

The Zombie Strike Doominator allows the child to use their imagination. They can pretend they have to defend the world from zombies that are about to take over. The only thing that stands between the zombies and the remaining humans is the child and their zombie gun. This gun has slam fire actions so that as soon as the child hits the trigger the gun will shoot off. Like with any toys be sure to talk to the child about the dangers of real guns. While this toys is fun to play with real guns can kill.

The Zombie Doominator has a three position handle so that a child can use it for a number of play situations. The handle of this gun can be put into three different settings. The handle can be attached to the bottom of the gun. It can also be put on the right of the left side. This will allow children that are right handled or left handed to join in the zombie blasting fun.

The handle is easy to remove and it is also easy to reattach in a new position. This will allow a child to keep up with the action while changing their angle of attack. This will also allow the child to increase their pretend play. This zombie gun can provide hours of entertainment for the child as they save the world from attacking zombies.

This zombie gun is meant for children ages 8 years old and up. There is some play violence that is associated with this toy gun. This will allow a child to pretend they are saving the world from zombies. This Nerf toy will hold the attention of older children while still allowing them to get in touch with their imagination. This toy can provide hours of fun and allow the child to act out many different scenes.

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