Rummikub is a tile-based game for two to four players, combining elements of the card game rummy and mahjong.

Are you searching for the perfect toy for your child? Or maybe you are searching for an original party idea. Though it is true children aged 8 and older can be difficult to buy for, none can resist the Rummikub game! It is the perfect solution for a gift, family game night, or for getting your child off of the computer or tablet for awhile. Players use the game tiles to easily create runs and sets of numbers. Your child will enjoy an old-fashioned board game away from technology as he or she immerses himself or herself in interactive play with friends or family members.

Escape from Technology

Journey through time when board games were all the rage. Too often families get wrapped up in the use of technology on a daily basis. Little emphasis is placed on time with family because everyone is “too busy” to spend time together. Don’t let work and school obligations ruin time together with loved ones.

Created out of durable plastic, the Rummikub game is not always about strategy but it also involves a bit of luck to win too. Your child (or children) will love strategizing how to become the next champion. The game provides hours of fun in an old fashioned way.

Strengthen Family Bonds

Interactive play is a core component of well-rounded youth. All too often this falls to the wayside as children spend more and more time on the computer, smart phone, or even a tablet. Digital games have replaced board games and with it certain social skills that can only be acquired through social situations with physical interaction. With Rummikub the family connection can be restored as each player takes turns competing to be the winner of this highly addictive game. Plus the memories created from playing each new game will be priceless. So grab a snack and start playing with your loved ones!

In order to play Rummikub, players simply must build sets of different colors or runs of the same color. For more experienced players, try building on tiles that other players have already played. This fast-paced game is sure to quickly become your child’s (or children’s) next favorite.

The Perfect Gift

Give a child (or children) an original present with Rummikub. Most people do not offer board games as presents and the child receiving it will be delighted to get something more original than the next video game or doll. The Rummikub is the perfect choice for children ages 8 and up. Although the game can’t be played alone, as long as there is at least one other person there will always be friendly competition.

Whether it is time with friends or time with family, children all love Rummikub, especially if the child already loves a good game of Rummy! The game itself weighs about 3 pounds and measures 14.6″ x 7.1″ x 2.1″. The tiles are muted varied colors and easy to identify: red, black, blue, green. The racks are two levels and includes 106 tiles for 2-4 players

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