Nintendo Labo Customization Kit

Nintendo Labo Customization Kit Make, Play, and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Simply have fun making DIY cardboard creations called Toy-Con

Though there are a number of different Nintendo Labo kits, there are going to be a number of people who own them. However, if you want to make whatever kits you have your very own, the best way to do this is by purchasing and using the Nintendo Labo Customization Kit. Follow their tips on how to make your creations really stand out. As this kit is not too pricey, this is a great add on piece which could be the perfect gift or something a child can easily save up for themselves with their pocket money.

Customization Kit Contents:

This kit is cheaper than the other Nintendo Labo Kits because it doesn’t include a software or as many products as the others. Rather than being a kit which comes with software and the compartments for building a full piece, it is a kit to personalize and style the kits you already own.

Parts and Materials:

  • 2x Stencil Sheets
  • 2x Sticker Sheets
  • 2x Tape Rolls (1x Striped, 1x Brown with Nintendo Labo logo)


Turn your Toy-Con RC Car into a bug like contraption by sticking on stickers which are provided in the kit, creating a face and other features that will really make your car stand out in a one-on-one battle.


Make your piano bright and arty by covering the keys with striped tape to spark your imagination whilst hitting the keys. Add racing car stripes to your RC car and see if the myth of ‘go-faster’ stripes is real or maybe decorate your fishing rod by wrapping the tape and making it more colorful.


Don’t worry if there is more than one person in the house with the same Nintendo Labo Kit built, by stenciling on your initials or name there will never be an argument as to whose is who’s with this personal touch. Name your car, give your house a number or give the car a registration number by following the design of the stencils making your Labo Kit creation cool and personal.

Other Ways to Personalize Your Labo Kits:


Show off the attitude of your robot through the design of the on-body pieces and let people know you mean business with bright colors or a mean, powerful design. Add a sophisticated design to your piano which will blow people away just like the sounds that will be heard once you start composing your own pieces. Add character to the house for your little creature to live in and make it more of a home for them to enjoy.

What Else is Needed:

Any Nintendo Labo Kit:

Firstly, you will need any of the Nintendo Labo Kits. This customization kit is made specifically to personalize the kits. Whether you want to wrap the piano keys in the striped tape or cover the robot body kit in stickers like a 90s school rucksack, the customization kit will allow you just that.

The stencil kit can be used to write your name or initials on the cardboard pieces so if more than one person in the household owns the same kit, there will be no arguments as to who’s is, who’s because it will be written on them clearly.

Nintendo Switch System:

Of course, in order to use a Nintendo Labo Kit, you need to have purchased a Nintendo Switch System. These are not included in the Labo kits but can be purchased separately and most likely from the same place you purchase the Nintendo Labo Customization Kit.

Decorating Your Nintendo Labo Kits:

Being made from cardboard, you are not limited to using the materials provided in the customization kit to personalize and decorate your cardboard creations. Using the tape provided in the kit you can stencil out the patterns and designs you want to paint onto the cardboard to make the pieces truly unique.

Modify the Shape of Your Piece or Custom Parts:

With this add-on kit you’ll also be able to customize the shape of your creations. Whether you want to add wings onto your motorbike or add an extension onto the house, you’ll be able to do just that with some extra cardboard and a little imagination.

So, if you’ve purchased a Nintendo Labo Kit and want to make it different to everybody else’s, then purchasing the Nintendo Labo Customization Kit is the perfect way to do so.