Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

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If you’ve ever wanted to fly, smash and roll in the same way as your favorite robot, the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit will allow you to do just that.

From flying across a skyscraper filled city, to smashing down buildings, you’ll be able to build yourself into the best robot you’ve ever seen.

This is one of the most advanced Nintendo Labo Kits you’ll find, as you have to construct parts which you have to wear in order to control the onscreen robot. Holding the controllers in your hand and punching forwards and to each side will allow you to push and destroy whatever it is that stands in your way. Stomping your feet and leaning to the left or right means you can move your robot around the city, whichever way you want to.

If you want to enter flight mode, spread your arms out to the side and you’ll be flying above the buildings and may even come across some new discoveries which you wouldn’t necessarily see on the ground.

Throughout the game, you’ll have to complete different stages and levels in order to progress. Rather than using a controller in your hand to move the onscreen robot, you’ll use your whole body to control and complete the stages. The more you destroy, the more points you get which means the higher the level you reach.

With this kit, you will be required to build a body pack, which you place on your back, a head visor, robot shoes and cardboard numb chucks which act as the robot arms. Care should be taken if you do not have someone to help you when you are putting each item on. You can find ‘how to’ videos on the Nintendo website which will help you put each item on correctly without creating any damage.

You don’t have to stay as robot either. This kit allows you to transform yourself from a robot to a tank for a new way of destroying the area around you.

If you want to get a proper look at what your robot sees, you can lower the head visor and you’ll see, first hand, what it looks like to destroy buildings and fly across the skies.

Throughout the game, you’ll find new and exciting ways to get stronger and have new experiences. You can grow your robot into ‘Giant Robot Mode’ or learn new moves like charge punch, drill kick, flight mode and special beam.

As well as the main compartments to control the robot on screen, you can add insert tools to change the color of your robot and enter the Robo-Studio. You can even join up with a friend who has a Nintendo Labo Robot Kit and battle it out to see who the strongest robot is.

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit Contents:

Robot Kit Software:

You’ll be given a Robot Kit Software which you must insert into your Nintendo Switch system in order for the kit to work and for you to begin the games and activities. Instructions on how to insert and use the software are also included.

Parts and Materials:

In order for you build your very own Robot Kit, of course you’re going to need some basic materials. When you purchase any Nintendo Labo Kit they provide you with the exact materials you will need, including a few spares just in case any get lost. Below is a list of all the materials which are included in the kit:

  • 19x Cardboard Sheets
  • 4x Cardstock Sheets
  • 1x Sheet Reflective Stickers
  • 2x Length of Orange String
  • 2x Length of Blue String
  • 1x Large Canvas Strap
  • 1x Medium Canvas Strap
  • 2x Small Canvas Straps
  • 10x Gray Grommet Set
  • 2x Orange Grommet Set

What Else is Needed:

Nintendo Switch System:

Of course, in order to use a Nintendo Labo kit, you need to have purchased a Nintendo Switch System. These are not included in the Labo kits but can be purchased separately and most likely from the same place you purchase the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit.

So, if you want to enter a world where you can save the world and transform yourself into a real-life robot, the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit is the one for you.