Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Nntendo Labo Variety Kit You Can Make 6 Different Toy-con Creations And Bring Them To Life Using Your Nintendo Switch System

Getting bored of your video games and looking for a new, exciting game with endless possibilities? Do you want one game which has multiple activities for you to play within it?

Then the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit may just be the game to solve your boredom.


The Variety Kit comes with five different projects for you to build, personalize and play with, meaning boredom is highly unlikely.

Toy-Con RC Car:

This Toy-Con comes with HD Rumble technology, which is what make it possible to move the RC Car from left to right. The car also comes with a camera which allows you to see what the car sees as it moves around, even in the dark. This also allows the car to stir itself when it sees and recognizes visual markers. If you are a lover of Robot Wars then you can set it up your very home, by battling a friend who also owns the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con RC Car. If you want to personalize your car you can add some ‘custom’ parts and make this Toy-Con Car, your very own.

Toy-Con Fishing Rod:

You’ll jet of to the ultimate fishing weekend when you extend your pole and twist the rod handle. Your rod will descend into the deep blue ready to catch some of the finest fish. Tilting the rod will be mirrored on the Nintendo Switch screen so you can see what’s floating below you. If you’ve got a catch, the rod will vibrate indicating that you should quickly reel it in to see what you’ve caught. Whether you want to explore the shallows or dive deep into the dark blue, you’ll have a whale of a time catching the sea’s finest, building your very own aquarium.

Toy-Con House:

Create a home for your mysterious tenant in an adorable little Toy-Con house. Insert blocks into the cardboard house and see the difference it makes on the screen. There are a number of blocks which can make a difference, they are;

  • The Switch Block
  • The Crank Block
  • The Key Block
  • The Cable Block

Using these blocks will make different things happen, including flooding the room, sending the creature to sleep and changing the look of the house completely.

Toy-Con Motorbike:

Race around a track and feel as though you’re on a real-life motorbike. To control the bike, you have to use the same movements that control a real motorbike. From steering round corners, making long jumps across bridges and popping wheelies to impress the crowd, you’ll be transported to an impressive racing track to live your dream of becoming a professional motorbike racer.

Toy-Con Piano:

Ever fancied yourself a bit of a musician? Always wanted to play the piano but never had the space for a full sized one in your home? With the Toy-Con Piano, you can play simple tunes or devise complicated, original compositions. Change the sound of the piano, to create your very own songs, all recorded in the studio, where you can make adjustments to make your song sound exactly how you want.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Contents:

When you purchase the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, you’ll find a number of things which will help you on your way to entering and building your very own creative world.

Variety Kit Software:

You’ll be given a Variety Kit Software which you must insert into your Nintendo Switch system in order for the kit to work and for you to begin the games and activities. Instructions on how to insert and use the software are also included.

Parts and Materials:

Obviously, if you are going to be building your very own piano, motorbike or house you’ve going to have to start with basic materials. When you purchase the Variety Kit, you’ll find everything you need to build this five exciting projects.

Parts which are included are in kit:

  • 28x Cardboard sheets plus extras for customization
  • 3x Reflective sticker sheets
  • 3x Sponge sheets
  • 1x Length of orange string
  • 1x Length of blue string
  • 1x Grey grommet set
  • 4x Blue grommet set
  • 2x Large rubber bands (plus spares)
  • 6x Small rubber bands (plus spares)

What Else is Needed:

Nintendo Switch System:

Of course, in order to use a Nintendo Labo kit, you need to have purchased a Nintendo Switch System. These are not included in the Labo kits but can be purchased separately and most likely from the same place you purchase the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit.

So, if you’re looking for a Nintendo Labo Kit which is going to keep you entertained for ages, with a mixture of activities, the Variety Kit is definitely the one for you.

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