Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset

Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset – Journey to the Jungle for a Paw Patrol Adventure with the Monkey Temple PlaysetTracker,

The Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset features the new pup Tracker and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. Paw Patrol is a very popular cartoon and most children will be familiar with the characters even if they do not watch it that often. Mandy the monkey and Tracker’s vehicle are also included.

Other jungle themed pups and their vehicles are available to buy separately and so it is easy to build this set up in order to create a number of other missions. Tracker’s car will fit in the Paw Patroller if your child already has this toy, and the figures can be used with any other playset.

Hours of fun will can be had by your child when they play with this set. It is based on the episode of Paw Patrol where Tracker searches for Mandy the monkey in the temple. There are many different features to this set for children to explore. There are a number of different places in the temple for Mandy to hide and there is a search light that is included to help Tracker look for his friend. There is an elevator and trap door that the figures can go in and through. There is a jungle vine which Mandy can slide down.

The set includes levers and buttons to press and there really is a lot to explore. The monkey head on the top of the temple lights up and features authentic jungle sounds. The set can also be flipped around and this turns it into the mission control center.

There are instructions included with the set that tell you how to put it together. This is not a complicated process and it should be able to be done within ten minutes. It may be possible for older children to put the set together themselves with your help. Once it has been built it is very sturdy and even if your children are quite rough when they play with it, the set should be able to withstand this.

It requires 3 x LR44 batteries which are included with the set. These batteries may be a bit awkward to change when needed, but they do have quite a long lifespan so they shouldn’t need changing that often.

Overall, there are a lot of features of the playset that make it ideal for children aged 3 to 5. It is not really recommended for children younger than that because some of the parts are quite small. Children aged older than five will probably still enjoy playing with all the different features of the temple.

The set will really bring out the imagination of your child, especially if they have other figures to play with. Even if Paw Patrol is not your child’s favorite cartoon, there is plenty to the playset that will keep them occupied. There are so many different features that you child could play with this set for hours. It is a fairly large set and will have to be stored away as it is, as it would be quite difficult to take it apart every time.

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