Playmobil Take Along School House

Playmobil Take Along School House – With the Playmobil Take Along School, children can roleplay their time at school. Set includes five figures

The Playmobil Take Along School House is constructed in the familiar Playmobil folding fashion, with a useful carrying handle at the top. It clips neatly together, making it perfect for storing all the little pieces after use. Most mothers and carers will welcome this feature, because it helps to keep the play area tidy. There is nothing worse than finding hundreds of miscellaneous pieces piled together in a heap on the floor! With this toy, all the pieces fit back into the house.

The portable nature of this toy is also great for holidays, or visits to places where there is little for kids to do. They just take their favorite toy with them, open it out, and start playing, just as if they were at home.

The toy is designed for kids from 3-5 years old. It has the usual Playmobil palette of bright colors, in this case a sloping, blue roof and yellow base, with multi-colored books and accessories. There is a chalkboard, desks and pencils, for example. These can be arranged on the base or taken out and placed on a table or on the floor.A neat little pedal bike, complete with bike rack, is provided too. This means there is plenty of scope for story-telling and imaginative role-play.

This is very good for child development, because it develops vocabulary and builds confidence in trying out different speaking styles. Most kids love playing the role of teacher, because it makes them feel powerful. They can also experiement with good and bad behavior among the children, and work out what is, or is not, appropriate for the context of school.

Four human figures are included. There is an adult female, who plays the role of the teacher, and three small children. The children are suitably diverse in their appearance and clothing. The characters and items provide an excellent foundation for imaginative play. Kids who go to playgroup or kindergarten can re-enact their day or imagine scenarios for their daily routine. Kids who are preparing for their first attendance at formal schooling can talk about what they might expect to find when they get there.

This brand always makes high quality plastic toys, and the price reflects this. The set is very durable, however, and may well be passed on to be enjoyed by younger siblings. It represents good value for money because of its robust construction and potential for hours of creative play.

The pieces are too small for very young children, and so it is best to supervise play if a child younger than about 3 years is likely to be in the same room. The set is constructed to the same scale, and in the same style, as other Playmobil products, and so it is easy to combine different sets and create a whole Playmobil village, complete with different buildings. Children love to show off their toys, and this one is very popular as a starter set, or as an addition to a Playmobil collection.

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