Pie Face Showdown Board Game By Hasbro Toys

Pie Face Showdown Game

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Pie Face Showdown Is An Epic Board Game By Hasbro Toys For Children Ages 5+

The classic carnival activity of tossing pie into someone’s face has received a new twist from Hasbro. This board game adds a competitive edge, as now your quickness is pitted against an opponent’s to stay dry. Fantastic to play with family and friends, it is sure to leave everyone laughing, cheering, and a little messy. It is silly, safe fun.

Set up is quick and easy: simply insert the arm, chin rests, and splash-cards. Then it’s time for the exciting part. Place either whipped cream or a sponge (soaked in water) on the thrower, and get ready to get messy. When ready, the two players press the button nearest to their position as fast as they can to move arm towards their opponent. Once the pie gets too close to one side, it will spring up and splash onto that player’s face!

Technically, whoever doesn’t get splattered wins, but everyone is really a winner with this game. Getting splattered is just as fun as watching it happen to friends or family, so everyone is guaranteed to share a laugh when playing.

Pie Face Showdown Game

The Good

First off, the game is very simple. Everything is included except whipped cream, and there are only a handful of parts. One of the best things about playing such a simple game is that there is no confusion or arguing over rules (except maybe an early start pressing the button!). Kids get along just fine playing this game.

On that note, this game is safe and fun for people of any age. Adults will have just as much fun playing this game as children, and it is definitely a blast to play with your kids. This is one game that won’t leave anyone feeling upset. This is the beauty of Pie Face Showdown; losing is just as much fun as winning!

Pie Face Showdown Game

It is a great game for family fun nights, birthday parties, or just hanging out with friends. There are no rules to memorize, so setting it up and playing does not disrupt the flow of a get-together.

Easily the best part about this game is how you’ll feel playing it. The excitement when pressing the button as fast as you can is heart-pounding, and the anticipation of getting pie in the face only adds to the thrill. Best of all, this is a game where everyone can’t help but laugh. Winning, losing, and simply watching are all enjoyable with Pie Face Showdown.


The Bad

The only possible downside to this game is the potential for a mess. However, the splash-cards do a great job of containing the “pie.” So as long as players are careful to clean up the whipped cream (which is fun in itself), there really are no downsides. It is lighthearted fun at its best.


Final Verdict

Hasbro has a great product here. It is simple, wholesome, and fun to play with family and friends. With much more excitement than normal board games, Pie Face Showdown Game will definitely be the highlight of a party or family fun night.

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