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Star Wars Toy Characters

Star Wars Action Figures For Hardcore Fans And Kids

Whether a person is a true, hardcore collector or enjoys the feeling of nostalgia brought about by collecting bits and pieces of the past, the collecting of action figures has been a hobby of many for decades.

Darth Vader Action Figure

Toys come and go, with some withstanding the test of time and experiencing resurgence in toy stores and various media, while some go out of style and stay out. One such brand of toys that has never gone completely out of style are Star Wars Action Figures, which are considered to this day as collector’s items and bits of a past that many people find appealing.

Some people simply look for favorite characters that are easy to find or require some digging through various websites. Serious collectors however will go even further, looking for specific details, model numbers, and even different editions of characters that became discontinued for one reason or another.

The long list of Star Wars toys offers many collectors a daunting challenge to find and secure as many as possible. Some people go to auctions, others look through toy bins at various flea markets, but all of them are searching for that one, elusive figure that might be the shining trophy piece of their collection.

Those characters that are favored by many are often well known and carry a well-defined story arc that makes them so popular. For instance, Luke Skywalker in his various outfits is a highly valued character, as are Han Solo, Darth Vader, C-3PO, Chewbacca, and even a few other minor characters such as Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb. The bounty hunter Boba Fett is another character that is highly prized and not often seen. These Action Figures often fetch a good price at auction and on the private market, and are commonly sought after to complete or begin a collection. The truly rare characters are the ones that demand the highly exorbitant prices that true collectors gladly pay to obtain the object of their obsession.

Star Wars Toy Characters

There are those Action Figures that are easy to find, those that are more elusive, and then those that are often more rumor than reality. These characters are the ones that have sold out quickly and of which very few remain for sale.

Such figures include Darth Vader, Han Solo with his signature blaster, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and even one of the hooded Jawas that are featured within the first film. These figures are often so hard to find that their net worth is in the thousands. One character alone can bring between six and seven thousand dollars, which seems ludicrous for a toy, but is a collectors dream come true. Unlike newer characters and those who carry little importance in the eyes of collectors, such figures are the elite of the Star Wars toy characters.

It might seem odd to anyone else to pursue Star War Action Figures with such intensity. For collectors and those who wish to recapture a bit of their youth however, there is often no price too high.

Star Wars Action Figures And Other Action Figures

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