Pop Up Pirate Game

pop up pirate game

The Pop Up Pirate Is A Special Game Made To Teach All Kinds Of Children Language And Social Skills To Help Them Develop Faster!

Special needs children have to face a variety of challenges regarding their growth and development. Play therapy is often chosen as a way for the parent to not only facilitate parent/child bonding, but to help their special needs child deal with these obstacles in a pleasant way.

Play is an important way for the parent focus on their childs abilities, so their child can become as personally autonomous as possible. Pop Up Pirate is a toy that is considered not only entertaining, but also helps in developing their fine motor skills, turn taking, and ability to following instructions.

Pop Up Pirate is useful in assisting in the development of finger and hand dexterity, also known as fine motor skill development. Fine motor skills involve the child’s ability to control the small movements of hands, fingers, face, mouth, tongue, and feet. Since activities of daily living include using writing instruments, eating utensils, cutting with scissors, playing with small toys and puzzles, focus on therapy is usually placed on the muscles in the hands.

In Pop Up Pirate, the child pushes the pirate down into his barrel. The entire barrel is riddled with slits, randomly placed. The child then chooses one of the colored swords (red, green, yellow, blue), and inserts the sword into a slit. If the pirate pops up, that child is out of the game, and the game continues until there is one child left.

Of course, most of the kids will consider themselves the ‘winner’ when the pirate pops up, but that is just part of the fun. Pop Up Pirate is suspenseful, provides an amusing and exciting climax, while helping to define their dexterity as they pick up the small, flat swords from the table top, and insert them into the slits in the barrel.

Pop Up Pirate not only assists in the development of fine motor skills, but also addresses the issue of ‘taking turns’. Many children with special needs, such as autism, have problems centering on tasks that involve turn taking games.

When playing Pop Up Pirate, a good way to help teach turn taking, is to write all the players names on a list, and use that list to help explain turn taking. To promote language skills and social interaction, prompt the child to say “my turn” or “Sandy’s Turn is next”, “Sandy’s turn” or just “your turn”. This helps teach the child not only turn taking, but also how to follow a verbal set of instructions. As Pop Up Pirate is a game that moves fast, children don’t have to wait long to take a turn, and the suspense keeps them focused.

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Pop up Pirate may have one drawback. This game is noisy when the Pirate pops out of the barrel. So be mindful of this when you consider purchasing Pop Up Pirate, as this game might not be a wise choice for parents of noise sensitive children.

Pop Up Pirate is a simple game for ages 3 and up. If you are looking for a game that is sturdy, long-lasting, can take a lot of pummeling, reasonably priced, and can assist with the development of your special needs child, then Pop Up Pirate is the game for you.

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