Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter

Yvolution Official – Y Glider Neon Green – High Quality Kids Scooter

Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter Is A Fun, Three Wheeled Scooter For Kids Ages 3+

Scooters have become a very popular item for children and adults in the past few years. Most of these scooters have the traditional 2 wheels and some are even motorized.

However, for the younger children it can be a big challenge to maintain their balance on the 2 wheel scooters. Even with protective gear a child can get hurt if they are trying to learn to ride a 2 wheel scooter without any experience. They can eventually ride one of these scooters but to get them started the Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter is what they need. There are a lot of features that make this scooter a good choice for younger children, I have listed them below.

The first feature that makes this scooter perfect for children is the fact that it has 3 wheels, 2 on the front and 1 wide wheel on the back. This makes balancing much easier and a child is less likely to have a bad fall due to not being able to control the scooter.

The steering method on the Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter is very unique. It has what is called ‘Lean to Steer’ which means that the child simply has to lean whichever way they want to go and that is the way the scooter will turn.

Stopping this product is very easy for them too, all they have to do is step back on the brake that is attached to the rear wheel. The riding platform of the Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter is very stable and has built in grips that keeps the child from slipping off while riding the scooter. This is such an important feature, especially for younger children.

Yvolution Y Glider Neon Scooter, Pink

The frame of this scooter is also very lightweight, in fact it is so lightweight that a child can carry it completely on their own. Another great thing about this scooter is that it is so easy to put together. All you have to do is click the removable handle bar in place and it is ready to go. That is good so that you do not have to use up a lot of time assembling it and the child does not have to wait in order to start enjoying their scooter.

With the Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter children ages 3+ can begin practicing their balancing and coordination skills. The size of this scooter is 7.3 x 11.6 x 23.8 inches. So it is large enough to allow the child to use it for a good while as they grow but not so large as to be cumbersome for them. It is a lightweight item at only 6.6 pounds. Now, the weight limit that this scooter can handle is 88 pounds but for a 3 year old weight is not an issue.

The Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe offers all the advantages and features that can really help children who are still at the starting point of learning to move around well on their own.

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