Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing Review

Power Wheels Wild Thing Is A Unique Take On Ride-Ons!


The Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing is a major upgrade to the traditional motorized riding toys for children. Now, this product has not been release yet but it can still be pre-ordered. No matter, the fact that you have to wait a little while to get it is not a problem in the least. All children love motorized toys and having one that they can actually ride can be thrilling for them. The Power Wheels brand has taken these types of toys to a new level with the Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing.

First off this product is able to go places that other motorized riding toys could not. Many had to stay on pavement in order to move about properly. That is not the case with the Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing, it can actually go off road onto rougher terrain. The tires are large and durable so that the rough terrain will not damage them like it would other types of tires.

It also has an extra wide seat so children have the ability to move around with more freedom and comfort. However, safety is not sacrificed for comfort, there is also a seatbelt to strap the child in.

The controls are very simple, two joysticks that can be used to make the vehicle go backwards, forwards and even do 360 degree spins. Having the joysticks as controls can be easier for younger children to learn how to use and to manage, especially if this is their first motorized riding toy. Being easy to control is a big plus.

Now, this product can get up to about 5 miles per hour in speed forwards and 2.5 miles per hour in reverse but there are 4 speed parental controls under the seat. So, if parents do not want their children to go too fast or want to make sure the child can handle the vehicle they can actually control how fast it can go.

The Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing has an open metal frame that not only makes it look great but also being made of metal it will take a good bit of wear and tear without falling apart. Parents and children alike will be impressed with this product. The parents will love the safety features that are installed and children will be thrilled with all the fun that is in store when they use the Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing.

With all the great features offered with the Power Wheels 12-volt Wild Thing the price is really not bad. Although compared to other toys it might seem a little pricey at $299.99. However, you are getting a feature packed, high-quality item that is well worth what you pay for it. This product is recommended for children 5 to 10 years of age. The weight limit for this product is 100 pounds max. This is definitely a product that is sure to bring a lot of fun to any child.

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