VTech Catch-Me-Kitty

VTech Catch-Me-Kitty is an interactive toy for infants and toddlers that promotes crawling and walking. It is also an infant musical learning toy

Catch-Me-Kitty is the perfect toy for all those kids out there who need some special help in a number of ways. What does this mean? It means simply that Catch-Me-Kitty is a fully functional and interactive toy in every way for kids with special needs.

Special toys are designed with special kids and Catch-Me-Kitty is definitely one of them. Why is that? The answer is abundantly clear. It is a toy that goes far beyond just being your common every day kid’s toy. The Catch-Me-Kitty is indeed every inch a learning toy that is in motion. It is in motion for all the right reasons too.

One of its main objectives is to inspire and motivate children with special needs to be more encouraged to try things on their own. Some of these things are to get them to crawl, to engage in interactive play, or to simply learn how to do other things that all kids should be doing regularly as children. Simple as that.

Catch-Me-Kitty is put out by VTech and is a toy that is assured to be loved by every child who comes into close contact with it. Catch-Me-Kitty is an adorable kitty in appearance and in every way that matters the most to little ones. What this very cute kitten does is to scoot playfully along the floor to entice youngsters to play with it.

Catch-Me-Kitty moves about on its own to get boys and girls to chase after it, crawl after it, and just interact with it in all the ways a child would want to interact with it in the world of play. When your child gets close to Catch-Me-Kitty, there is a back sensor, which is built into the toy that does detect his or her presence in approach. This unique toy will then react with special sounds and motion.

There is also, a front sensor, which is built into Catch-Me-Kitty as well. What this front sensor does is to recognize any obstacles that may get in the way of the toy and it automatically will change the direction of Catch-Me-Kitty to avoid them completely.


Catch-Me-Kitty does come with two different ways to play. What does this mean? It means that Catch-Me-Kitty can do lots of amazing things with kids to get them to learn and have lots of fun doing it in the process. Catch-Me-Kitty is every inch a special toy for those special needs kids.

Catch-Me-Kitty does come complete with three shape buttons. These three shape buttons are to be used to teach boys and girls about numbers, shapes, and nursery rhymes. What kids don’t love these three things? There isn’t any. Mostly all kids do love to learn about numbers, shapes, and they simply adore singing nursery rhymes.


Catch-Me-Kitty is the perfect interactive toy to get interactive all the time with your youngster or youngsters that need the interaction the most to learn from overall. Catch-Me-Kitty is perfect interaction for special needs kids with its motion, sound effects, and unlimited teaching capabilities that will encourage them every day to grow, learn, and develop at their own amazing pace.

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