Review for 32 Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Arena Attack Playset

Unbiased Review for 32 Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Arena Attack Playset


The 32 Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Arena Attack is the perfect toy for kids who love their Hot Wheels and are fans of Monster Truck Jams. In this scenario, the Monster Jam Dragon has stolen the championship trophy and holds it captive in his vicious tail. It’ll take a skilled driver to use the slam-blast launcher to send the Monster Jam Truck hurling down the raceway towards the chomping jaws of the medieval menace. Just the right touch will send the Monster Jam Truck up the ramp, through the Dragon’s chomping jaws to slam into the Dragon’s tail to release the trophy. But watch out! At any time, the Dragon’s powerful jaws can snap shut and chomp-chomp-chomp the Monster Truck. Hit the ramp too slow, and you’re Dragon food. Hit it just right and you’ll sail safely past those wicked teeth. Hit the tail correctly and the trophy flies free and the Dragon in blasted apart. For more action, the launcher attaches to multiple locations on the set. Includes one 1:64-scale Monster Jam Grave Digger truck.

Product Information

• Recommended Ages = 4 to 7 years old
• Plastic, contains one small part (trophy)


Product Features

• 1 Launcher, ramp, straight track
• 1 Dragon, trophy
• 1 1:64-scale Monster Jam Grave Digger truck.


Plus Points

1. Easy to assemble (15-20 minutes). Applying the decals to the Dragon and Monster Truck require some patience but well worth the effort. The Dragon was the only piece that needed assembling. Easy-to-follow instructions provided.
2. Versatile: The Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Arena Attack slam-launcher can be set at several locations to provide different angles of attack. To expand
the fun, other Hot Wheels tracks and runways can be connected to the ramp to increase the speed of the Monster Truck and also allow kids to send regular Hot Wheel cars down the track toward the Dragon’s jaws.
3. Challenging: The child learns quickly that it takes the correct slamming motion to sail the Monster Truck past the Dragon’s snapping jaws. If the a truck does get stuck in the Dragon’s mouth, the child can move the launcher to the other attachment point and launch another vehicle directly at the tail until the dragon’s head pops off and the Monster Truck is set free.


Things To Consider

1. The single piece of straight track included with the set limits the take-off speed of the Monster Truck. Additional track is easily available. And, because the set is made of plastic, parts do break if slammed too aggressively. The trophy is small and should be kept out of reach of infants and small children.
2. Selling at under $20 online and at most store locations, the Hot Wheels Monster Jam Dragon Arena Attack Playset is reasonably priced. And with the Hot Wheels logo on the box, the buyer can be assured the toy has been designed with safety in mind.

Buyer’s Reviews

• Amazon buyers gave the toy a 3.8 star rating out of 5 stars (57 reviews).
• Toys-R-Us buyers gave it a 4.4 star rating out of 5 stars (29 reviews) plus a 93% recommend buy to friends.
• Most of the negative reviews were centered on flimsy and cheap construction. Several reviewers complained they could not get the pieces of the track or the dragon to stay together. The positive reviews mostly praised the Monster Jam Truck as the best part of the Monster Dragon playset.


All things considered, including the price, this toy is a winner that should provide hours of enjoyment for both boys and girls ages four and up.



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