Fast Flip Card Game

Fast Flip Card Game – includes three different games that you can play with the cards. In all of the games the players play at the same time.

Toys and games are an integral part of a child’s natural, healthy development. Children ages 6 – 8 have established basic fine motor skills, language, verbal and non verbal communication. It’s at this point, age 6 to 8, when they begin honing these acquired skills. Toys and games that attract them at this age involve puzzles, logic skills, such as checkers, and games that involve physical activities.

Among the skills that should be developed and nurtured by the parent at this time, are the development of the child’s mathematical skills. In order for children to fully develop their skill in mathematics, matching and sorting games, such as Fast Flip Cards by Blue Orange Games, is an absolute must. The building of basic math skills incorporates not only matching, but classification of objects as well.

Fast Flip Cards involves the acts of matching, comparison, classification and sorting. When children play Fast Flip Cards, they must utilize basic counting skills, matching, classification and sorting, as they look at the cards, and count the quantities of fruit. All in all, an excellent game for training the brain to develop basic math skills.

Fast Flip cards is a card game for 2 to 8 players, that is not only fun for kids aged 6 to 8 years, but also fun for the entire family. Such games are useful in strengthening the parent/child bond, and encouraging social interaction and ability to follow directions. Playing Fast Flip Cards means that your children will have hours of exciting and engaging play, as they match their fruits to a number or vice versa.

Fast Flip Cards arrive in a decorative triangular shaped tin that holds 54 triangle shaped cards, 10 tokens and illustrated instructions. When you open the tin and examine the cards, you will see that one side of the card has an image of an assortment of fruits which include: bananas, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and raspberries. When you turn the card over, there will be either a single number, or a single fruit. Tokens each picture a number or fruit.

To start, you make a draw pile or stack of cards, with the assortment of fruits face down. You then take off the top card, and flip it, which shows the assortment of fruits. The players work quickly to find a match between the number and the fruit. In Fast Flip Cards, Players must move fast when finding a match, so the game is very competitive. There are three variations of Fast Flip Cards to play: Flip it, Token Grab, and Token Live.

Fast Flip Cards is an excellent game for you and your children, aged 6 – 8. This game does not have a lot of pieces, and the cards are coated in plastic, which makes cleanup a breeze. If cards fall victim to sticky little fingers, or a spill or two, just wipe them off with a soft cloth. It should be noted that the triangular shape of the cards can make shuffling the cards difficult for young children, so to help keep game play moving between rounds, an adult may have to shuffle the card deck. However, if you or your child do not like speed games, or games that are loud, then this game may not be the one for you.

Fast Flip Cards is a fast moving game with simple rules. The game itself is compact and can be taken on long car drives to help keep the little ones occupied. In order to play Fast Flip Cards, children must utilize visual recognition, spacial, and logic skills. I personally recommend this game, in that it is versatile by being open to player variations. Being open to rule changes, and having various methods of play, enhances your child’s imagination and creativity, as well as assisting your child’s developmental learning skills which are necessary for ages 6 – 8. Fast Flip Cards is a sturdy, reasonably priced game that is sure to bring your children many hours of engaging and exciting play.

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