Simon Air Game

Simon Air Game – Get ready to Swoop, Swerve, and Hover! Now with touch-free technology, The Simon Air game is a different take on the popular Simon game

A popular children’s game is called Simon says. Usually this game is one where one child is telling others what to do if the phrase Simon says is before the instructions. While this game used to be extremely popular with children the fascination with technology has caused the love of this simple game to fade. However, with the Simon air game children can rediscover Simon says all over again but in an updated style. This is a fairly new product from the Hasbro company that is sure to give hours of fun to children and adults who take part of this game.

The Simon air game is basically a new version of a classic children’s game but with touch free technology added to it. So, when playing with it a child does not even have to touch the item, instead the Simon air game senses what movements the player is using and proceeds accordingly.

This product is designed to have children try to follow the lights and do it exactly as the game unit does. A child can choose to play this game solo or they can have a friend help them try and keep up and repeat the light patterns. Even playing by themselves children can use both hands to keep their repetitions up as long as they possibly can. This game can be very exciting to children because they know they have to do the patterns just right to win.

There are actually three modes of playing with this product. First we have the classic mode where one light at a time comes on, this is the best level for beginners. Then we have the solo mode where a player can try to set new high scores by beating their old ones. Finally, we have the two player mode where two children can work together to beat the Simon air game. Either way it is played children are sure to be thrilled with it.

Another added feature to this game unit is that it has two different moves, the swoop and the hover. The swoop move is used when there are three or more lights on at the same time. The hover is used when there are just two lights. Also, this game makes sounds and since every child loves noisy things this is sure to please them.

This game is packed with different moves, combinations of lights and so much more to provide hours and hours of fun that are sure to excite and entertain children within a wide age range. So, if you are looking for the next most popular game for your kids then introduce them to this modern day version of Simon says.

This product comes with the game unit and instructions on how to operate it. To use this item you will need 3 AA batteries which are included. The recommended age range for the Simon air game is 8 to 15 years of age. A great product and fun game for the whole family!

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Simon Game

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