Sophie’s Seashell Scramble Board Game

Sophie’s Seashell Scramble Board Game – Playing Develops Critical Pre-reading Skills, Strategic Thinking, And Fine Motor Skills As Well As Hand-eye Coordination

Are you looking for a fun and unique, new you for a child in your life? Maybe you are struggling to find the perfect gift and you just aren’t sure what to get. The thought of getting a board game probably had not crossed your mind. There are actually several board games today that are made especially for small children.

Sophie’s Seashell Scramble board game is a really great game for the preschool age crowd. Sophie the Otter needs some help to find and to match the patterned seashells! The way to win is by matching a shell with each pattern.

It is a game for 2-4 players. The Sophie seashell scramble board game includes 20 seashells in 5 patterns, 4 seashell snack mats, a spinner and a Sophie the Otter squeezer.

The way you play this game is by putting all of the seashells in to the game box first. Each player has a shell snack mat. When you spin the spinner you will either spin a pattern, in which case you will find a shell with that pattern and get it with the Sophie Squeezer, or you will spin an action to “lose a shell” or “steal a turn.” If you spin and get Otto the Octopus he may try to take your seashell and throw it back into the sea! The first player to collect seashells with all 5 patterns wins! This game is for ages 3-5. The price for this game online is $16.49 on

Although fun for your little one, this game has many benefits as well. Sharing and turn taking is encouraged as well as the building of social skills. Thinking, fine motor development and hand-eye coordination are also among the skills built and encouraged while playing this game.

Pre-reading skills are built too. A sense of accomplishment will be achieved as well after collecting all of the patterned seashells. The Sophie Seashell Scramble board game would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a any small child in your life. Many board games are geared more towards older children, whereas this one is made just for preschoolers. It’s a great way for them to learn many things without even realizing it.

It would be a perfect game for siblings to play together since multiple players can play at once. It could also be good to have available in a preschool classroom or a daycare for a fun learning activity. It’s a game for boys and girls so it would definitely work for either gender. I’m sure any preschool-aged child would have tons of fun playing this cute game! So much entertainment, learning and the price is fair as well!

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