Star Wars Episode 7 Pop! BB-8 Review

Star Wars Episode 7 Pop! BB-8 Is The Best Droid Galaxy, And Will Complete Your Star Wars VII Set!


The Force Awakens is just around the corner, and in the nick of time, Star Wars: Episode VII Pop!’s are going on sale! Move over, R2-D2, because the most adorable little ‘droid in the galaxy is just raring to take the stage! BB-8 is a 3.75-inch tall bobble-head figure that even comes with a decorative Star Wars stand! Sure to be a collector’s item, be sure BB-8 is part of your complete Star Wars VII set!


Product Information

• Recommended Ages = 8 to 15 years old
• Total Pieces = 1


Product Features

Star Wars Episode 7 Pop! BB-8 include:
• One BB-8 Pop! Bobblehead figurine


Plus Points

1. Who doesn’t remember the first time BB-8 came rolling across the sand-dunes in the theater? The little guy has got some pinache! He’s got class! BB-8 is a hilariously adorable little figurine, and with the Star Wars stand to keep him stationary, he’s a stable collector’s item that will always be able to bobble its “head” at you and bring a smile.

2. There’s something psychologically complimentary about bobble-head figurines in general. They’re good for the spirit. Bobbing one can bring a smile, and having one in your office, study, or collection is a great way to bring character to the room in a sort of fun, festive way. BB-8 brings you the same kind of comfort his character brings the heroes of the Star Wars universe.

3. It’s a new Star Wars figurine available before the film actually hits theaters. Whether or not the film does good or bad, this toy is likely to be a collector’s item, will certainly be a conversation piece, and is furthermore aesthetically pleasing.


Things To Consider

1. It’s stationary to the commemorative base. So it can’t really be moved or adjusted. BB-8 can only bobble from his little stand, and that’s about it. This can be annoying, as in the film, the head is attached to a rolling spherical base, which is downright fascinating for some reason. This expectation will be dashed in purchase of the bobble-head figurine.

2. It’s between eleven and thirteen dollars, depending on where/when/how you buy it, and though it’s qualitatively designed and sturdy, for a figurine that essentially just bobs its head at you, that is a little steep. The demand is high before release of the film though, so that price will change. Whether it gets higher or lower depends a lot on the movie itself.



Product Summary

BB-8 is a welcome addition to the Star Wars cast. This robot is seen by many fans as a good sign the new trilogy will live up to the first trilogy, and avoid any prequel shenaniganery. That said, it is only a bobble-head, so primarily this little BB-8 figurine is memorabilia, and not imagination fodder. It’s stuck to the stand, so it can hardly be played with. And while it is aesthetically pleasing, anyone who sees the little bobble head is going to want to pick it up and see if it doesn’t roll around a little. Since the technology is available to manufacture such a device, there is definitely going to be a demand for functional BB-8 figures in the future. Until then, however, collector’s items will have to suffice. And this one is certainly a premiere collector’s item. It’s interestingly designed, and it does do more than just sit there: it’s a bobble-head, after all. It could be put in a car and keep you company on long road trips, or tacked upside-down in the loo–there’s no accounting for taste!



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