PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set Review

PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set Comes With Action Figures And Even A Car, This Set Is Fully Featured!


Disney programs often set the trend for children’s toys. Children watch Disney shows and get to where they really like certain characters and storylines. So, when a toy comes out that is based on their favorite program it is sure to be a popular item.


The PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set is just such a toy that is based on a very popular Disney channel show. This series is an animated series about superheroes that fight crime when it is supposed to be bedtime. The superheroes are dressed in their pajamas with their superhero masks to hide their faces. A great playset for young superheroes that have a hard time going to sleep. It is packed with great features that will be sure to please any child who plays with it.



The PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set has a lot of great features that makes a child’s playtime a blast. There is one superhero figurine included with this playset, Catboy, and the set also includes his Cat Car.


Additional figurines are available for purchase separately. The playset is double sided for double the fun. When a child wants to send Cat Boy out on a mission they can send him and his car down a slide and out to save the ‘night’. There is a picture player in this set that has a lot of lights and sounds from the show. Some of the hero phrases are included and the theme song so children can sing a long with it.


There is a zip line that can let a child quickly send their heros on an adventure and there are also cat rings for Cat Boy to use. If an intruder gets into the PJ Masks Headquarters then the child can make sure his heroes catch him by using a secret trap door.



Another great feature is the working elevator that allows a child to send the superheroes to any level of the Headquarters. There are 3 hero themed hatches that the PJ Masks Heroes can go through in order to catch villians. Children will enjoy hours of fun and adventure with the PJ Masks Headquarter Play Set. With this set they can actually bring their favorite stories from the show to life or create an adventure story that is completely their own. Every child is sure to love playing with this great hero adventure set.


This playset stands over 2 feet tall, which is a good height, not too small and not too large. It requires three AAA batteries in order to work. The age range recommended for this playset is 3 and up. So a child can enjoy this playset for a long time.


The figurine included in this set is 3 inches tall and when purchasing other figurines make sure they are the same size because that is the size that this playset is compatible with. This playset is a great quality product and well worth what the purchase price is, $69.99. Every child who loves the PJ Masks superheroes will be delighted with this feature packed playset.



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