Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Snow Mission First Order Stormtrooper Review

Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Snow Mission First Order Stormtrooper


Help your young Star Wars fans get a start on the coming Force frenzy with an action figure to celebrate the franchise’s latest installment, The Force Awakens. These figures help children populate their own galaxy far, far away, and are durable enough to allow for hours of creative play in a variety of settings. This figure comes fully costumed and accessorized to help imaginative youngsters get quickly in the spirit of the movies.


Product Information


Recommended Ages: 4 to 12 years old

Total Pieces: 3



Product Features


  • One 3.75 inch adjustable figure
  • Full costume including helmet and armor
  • Blaster and Blaster Rifle
  • Figure and accessories are compatible with other The Force Awakens mission packs


Buildable Location Accessories


This figure is part of a “mission pack” series, which means that its weapon accessories can be combined with the accessories of other figures to create larger weapons. The figure’s larger blaster rifle accessory requires assembly.


Plus Points


1. Authenticity
This is a well crafted toy with much attention paid to the costume features of the movie, and the different types of storm troopers within it. Figure coating is durable, reducing the chance of “armor malfunctions” during rough play.

2. Versatility
Five separate articulation points on the figure (including head positioning) encourages more imaginative and interactive play. Figure is compatible with larger vehicles and larger creatures from the entire Star Wars toy line in terms of interaction and riding.

3. Affordable
This toy retails between $7- $8 dollars from most online and brick and mortar vendors.




The Snow Mission Storm Trooper is intended for independent play and does not come with detailed directions. Specific details on packaging indicate which other The Force Awakens characters it is compatible with in order to combine accessories to create variations on weapon accessories.



Things To Consider


1. Articulation Is Limited
While toy bends and moves at five different points, its range is limited. That and balance issues when this figure is left to stand on its own can increase the chances of damage and breakage with rough or careless play.

2. Toy Requires Purchase Of Other Toys
As a single figure with few accessories, this toy will have limited entertainment value for most youngsters by itself. The manufacturer clearly intends for this to be purchased as part of a collection of figures and play sets, increasing overall spending.

3. No Collector Value
Because of the mass production of this figure, and its overall construction quality, its only value is as a plaything. Its limited articulation may also create display issues.


Product Summary


The Force Awakens Snow Mission First Order Storm Trooper is a good choice for young fans that like to incorporate action figures into their Star Wars games, and can tolerate fairly vigorous play. Intended to be combined with other figures and accessories, young users can recreate favorite movie scenes and invent new ones for hours of imaginative play.


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