The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Forest Mission Captain Phasma Review

Star Wars: “The Force Awakens” 3.75-Inch Figure; “Forest Mission Captain Phasma”  Is An Epic Toy For Any Star Wars Fan, Young or Older!


Dive into the universe of Star Wars! Use the Force to find realms of imagination and adventure! For the Force is in all things, not just the Jedi; it only must be found. Through his distinct metallic armor, commander of the First Order’s legions Captain Phasma uses his buzz saw along with defensive weapons garnered from Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren–but those figures are sold separately. Yet when complete, Phasma’s weapon will yield ultimate galactic power! Star Wars Forest Mission Packs bring tales of evil and good to your living room–join the forces of good in the galaxy, or tear it to the ground!

• Recommended Ages = 4 years and up.
• Total Pieces = Figure, 2 accessories, instructions


Product Features

3.75-inch figure which include:
• 1 Captain Phasma figurine
• 1 Buzz Saw
• 1 First Order Blaster
• 1 Set of Instructions


Plus Points

1. It’s a new figurine from the upcoming Star Wars movie, about which hype is downright fantastic; meaning such toys will be in high demand. It’s made by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm, so it will be a quality product in manufacture and durability.

2. It has several well-made weapons which are interesting in their own right, and allow for imaginative play. Plus, should the film do well, the piece will likely be a collector’s item in future. Should the film tank, the same phenomenon may be at play. Consider that copies of the “Star Wars: Christmas Special” are in high demand. Also, some teasers to the upcoming movie are revealed in this pre-release toy. Also, it is aesthetically pleasing and imaginatively evocative.

3. It’s part of an entire category of action figures from the new movie, and so a great way to start a new collection. Also, it can be found for under $7.00, and it is of a higher quality than similar Kenner figures.


Things to consider:

  1. It doesn’t have any real flexibility. There is exceptionally limited articulation. This figurine lets on to be something with which you can have imaginative childhood adventures, but in reality it is more likely to be purchased for its value as a collector’s item, and left on a shelf. Hasbro understands this and manufactured accordingly. However there are versions available which have greater articulation, they’re called the Black series.
  2. The full “galactic weapon” requires the purchase of other figurines; until then there’s just additional pieces that, if not properly taken care of, are likely to get lost.



Final Summary:

Star Wars: Episode VII is poised to either bring back the lore of an entire planet’s childhood, or crushingly dash those hopes into the sands of indifference. If J.J. Abrams Jar Jar Binks’s this thing, it will be buried, and any purchased figures will have value. If he knocks it out of the park, more and better figurines will be made, which means that these ones will also have increased value. So as collector’s items, purchasing any of the Episode VII line before the movie premieres is a wise idea. In a decade they’ll surely have increased in value at least several times; though there’s no way to predict that. As imagination evocation fodder, the finished metal armor and detailed craftsmanship are worthwhile. The figurine has been well made, and it is something fun to play with. However it can hardly be posed–you’ve got to pay more for the figurines that can be articulated into varying positions. So that is rather a large downer. But if you are collecting the whole set, that probably doesn’t much matter anyway, does it?




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